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    Do the Impossible: Two burns to the Mun

    I made it using a single burn, some very complex gravitational assists, and a ton of torodial tanks to keep the kerbals alive at the end! I hope i still have those pics of it!
  2. Orange_Slime_

    [1.3] Freight Transport Technologies [v0.6.0]

    Is there a craft file for some of the starlifter versions somewhere?
  3. Orange_Slime_

    Umbra Space Industries - (Roadmap and WIPs)

    Is there a craft file of the starlifter somewherE?
  4. When will the next update come out, all your youtube vids are getting me crazy excited, spec if the radar debug is built in as a seperate system
  5. Orange_Slime_

    Hide your boosters!

    I got a hp sleekbook, i5 1.7gh. that's the true meaning of PotatOS, Not even just a plain potato, a psycopathic one!
  6. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    and celebrating with a few more rocket launches Derping around...
  7. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    In the KISS (Kerbal international space fart) PotatOS taking over your...
  8. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    with a "skipper" rocket engine Planting a flag
  9. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    Trying to use a NERVA to get to orbit eating
  10. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    about the next rocket with a slightly lower chance of exploding derping
  11. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    On kerbin. Collecting science
  12. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    In an eva suit on the mun. Drinking
  13. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    With miniature SRB's Making fireworks on the 4th of Kerbly
  14. Orange_Slime_

    The Kerbal Way!

    Using MOAR STRuTS and Duck Tapes Cooking a burger
  15. Orange_Slime_

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I still haven't managed to make a orbit without infinite fuel in career, made some bad money choices along with flight planning. My mun mission was powered by the giant SRBs, I hit the mun, but not much else.
  16. Orange_Slime_

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Well, I managed to land a landercan on the mun. With ONLY SRB's
  17. Orange_Slime_

    Coming back...

    I left around .21, Moved to minecraft and titanfall and such. When I came back, soo much changed!
  18. Orange_Slime_

    What did you do in KSP today?

    I tried and failed, again, to circularise a ship in career mode, and ran outta money!
  19. For me, I just stuck a bunch of structural plates on the bottom of a landercan, dropped it at the moon, then quicksaved and quickloaded until I managed to make the kerbal survive. He never got back though, still waiting for rescue from one of the munar canyons.
  20. Orange_Slime_

    Wat's your worst Ksp 1.0 glitch?

    I played vanilla with only mechjeb for the tricky maneuvers I sucked at, I never had a glitch like that. btw, I recommend KIS, It's like KAS but much better and easier to use!
  21. For me, I have to use mechjeb for landings and such, I just don't have the ability to land a ship, or sometimes even make an orbit in career, so If I want to get anywhere, mechjeb is key. I know there are haters saying its all cheat, but I only use it when I have tried a maneuver or landing at least twice. Now to figure out why my ship keeps pushing the apopasis up on the circulization burn...
  22. Orange_Slime_

    500th Post!

    Far as I know, I don't play ksp enough. I still have a 50/50 chance of crashing into my station when I want to refuel and I have around 30 spaceplanes that ran out of fuel. so, I don't post about stuff till I can play half decent, instead of just talking about my mathematical guidance script calculations.
  23. Orange_Slime_

    Reentry heating too weak?

    Ironically, I have heating problems going up, not down. I have a high speed ssto that uses jet engines to make orbit and ant thrusters to complete the orbit and deorbit.
  24. I just use a load of SRB's on the launchpad to get to orbit. It was amazing