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  1. The main problem with that idea is that it would be nigh on impossible for newbies to learn because there is no one to give tips to them. Even experienced players couldn't do interplanetary missions without the help of online tools for transfer windows, so this will make the learning curve a learning wall for newer players and experienced players would effectively have to do calculations themselves as well as record it themselves, not to mention coming up with their own porkchop plot if there's procedural inclination.

  2. Oversized, colored text is always so convincing. :rolleyes:

    I'd like some more rocket parts. High efficiency 0.625m and 2.5m engines. 2.5m LF tanks. Much larger landing legs. Radiators, insulators, and heat pipes. A 2-kerbal cylindrical 1.25m Hitchiker. Larger RTGs. Larger heatshields for aerobraking. That sort of thing.

    Spot on.

    Also, you've gone off stealth mode!

  3. Laythe isn't ugly at all--most of the land is beachfront property, and the night skies are breathtaking!

    (The atmosphere is probably also breathtaking, but since kerbals wear spacesuits at all times when outside anyway, it shouldn't be a problem.)

    I'm guessing you aren't acquainted with Nova then. :wink:

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