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  1. Steam is the way forward. Also, fair enough.
  2. It was this strange concept called a "joke". Seriously, have a bit of fun!
  3. What, the start of the 100 years war!?
  4. As my mother always said, if you've got nothing hype to say, don't say it!
  5. Heh. DOn't I know it. Still, it lets you in on the third refresh!
  6. I love the smell of page 500 in the late afternoon.
  7. Our hype is marching on!!! Glory glory Reading FC!!
  8. It can be improved, but it's ok as a starter record-breaker.
  9. About 40 mins between 400 and 500!!
  10. 10 pages or fewer left!! HYYYYYPPPPEEE!!
  11. I'm predicting pg. 502 in the next 10 mins
  12. We appear to have stopped the bad gateways.
  13. Come on!!! We're getting off schedule! ONWARDS
  14. *Gasp* Red Iron Crown. It has been too long!!
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