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  1. Mph. Ever heard of a steam page? Or having fun?
  2. Someone message me on the Steam DB watch page!
  3. Come on boys!! There's nothing like hype. It's better than the new update.
  4. Sometime here I passed 500 posts. I have no idea when.
  5. Crash steam as retribution to gabe!!!
  6. I'm feeling IT!!! Now, where is that train song from the 0.90 thread?
  7. Maxmaps brings the hard hype hallelujah!!
  8. We're going up up up up up! Hype-phori-a, together till the end of time!
  9. Go on LADS, we can do this!! Up the 'Stoke!
  10. 500 before 1700 GMT now! I know we can do it!!
  11. Come on boys! I've got my stock of nachos, beer etc. I'm here for the long haul!!
  12. Never say it! Hype is infallible, necessary and takes precedence over the actual release.
  13. She cannae take much more o' this captain! She's gonna blow!!
  14. I'm guessing you haven't really gone on here much around release times?
  15. Come on boys!! I can practically smell the as of yet theoretical smell of page 500!!
  16. Yes!!! And 10 mins ahead of schedule!!
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