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  1. Now, it's a little bit soggy, but here's the pizza you asked us to save.
  2. Woah oh oh aww, halfway there, woah oh oh ohhh, livin' on a prayer!!
  3. Ikaneko

    1000! Wahoo!

    Gee, trust DMSP to make such a fuss. Just kidding, 350 post is an important milestone; you're no longer 'that new guy'!
  4. Any mars missions will probably include an entertainment module packed full of games consoles, books etc. As for Apollo, they had NASA, two other astronauts and probably countless journalists to talk to. Four days isn't that long a time.
  5. This looks somewhat *puts on sunglasses* derivative. Still, cool news for any Iranians out there.
  6. Now for the ultimate question: Is her left eye at a different position to her right? She wouldn't be a kerbal if it isn't.
  7. Nice to see the old assets are all in; it's as if the first resources debacle never happened!!! Still, those new landing gears are smokin'!! Credit to Porkjet for this!!
  8. So we're go for n-1? Nice!!! Beautiful textures as always Beale!! Any word on PPTS?? Sorry for not replying sooner; apparently you can't get a decent LAN signal in the Sahara!!!
  9. Norpo? A light green group member??? Evidently going for that holiday was a bad idea; western civilisation seems to have collapsed while I was away.
  10. Kerbals are meant to be disposable. Isn't female kerbals being disposable more equal than anything else. I mean, would you like it if they were completely indisposable?
  11. I launch at dawn so that I can actually SEE what's on the map view for the most time. I've never gotten why the so called "map view" only gives you roughly half of the map view at any given time.
  12. I've never gotten your exact views on how development should go ahead. Not SQUAD's views is about as far as I've gotten, but I thought this new update will tick off several of your "Points of disagreement". You know, new lift model, isp change up, etc. I'm with you on the DV readout thing though. Carting a rocket out to the pad just to see DV?? Farcical.
  13. This is great news!! It seems that this is the 'get Regex to shut the hell up by giving him what he wants' edition! I'm not complaining!
  14. It's HIGH time someone mentioned fundies (get it, huh huh? I need to stop with these awful jokes.
  15. What!! This is an outrage! After all our campaigning for breadkin rights! This is a step backwards and frankly I'm appalled. (BTW that Atlas is great! #BealeMasterrace #Tantares)
  16. I can't wait for the DSCOVR mission!! Awful acronyms aside, it's an interesting mission and one I shall have to follow closely!!
  17. I would say post harvesting is going on here. Be wary. Mods, investigate!!!
  18. Huh? Please speak a little more clearly so we can help you. If you aren't an English speaker you can go to the international forums.
  19. Banned for tricky time zone that made me think you were on an oil rig in the Atlantic. I thought this for 6 months.
  20. Mk55 radial engine given the nickname thud. It is somewhat fitting. BTW I had a chat with Ted and he said probably the KR-2L was next under my request. Not official
  21. Kerbals on the command seat actually weigh something (0.09375 in game units) comapared to 0.66 IGUs for the mk1 lander Can.
  22. Oh what, so you think he doesn't need any remembrance, and that we should close this chapter of his life with an ignomious thud? Well, we thought he was one of the central figures of SQUAD, always patient, always willing to reply and his 1.5 (1.5, 1, 2? Heck, does it matter?) years of sevice to the community, even when times got rough (stares pointedly at 0.25 secret feature fallout), deserves remembrance and thanks. So no, we won't look to you for gratification. Heh. You shouldn't feed the troll, let us carry on our Thanksgiving (let's get a turkey!). Rowsdower is a brilliant guy, with a response to everything, and maintained a good relationship with the community. Let's enjoy these last two golden days!
  23. I can give a pretty good review of KSP Beta: REALLY short. Like, barely existant short.
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