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  1. See ya round, Rowsdower. It'll be hard to source a replacement who matches your tireless effort for the community. I remember back in 0.25 (planes!) I started the HypePlane thread along with ZodiaK. It reached 6 pages before being abruptly locked by Kasper. I immediately sent a rather angry (but nothing rude) PM to Rows. His response was balanced, reasoned, calm and even included an apology! This is indicative of how excellent he was at CM.
  2. I had a horrible bug once while testing my first SSTO. The Map view acted as if I was landed, so it kept on racing away. I could get my apogee by quickly mousing over it, but it sure as hell was annoying.
  3. I would say having fuel is pretty high on the agenda.
  4. My first series of ships (no, like actually my first 5 or so ships in the game) were named thus: Ladybird Book of Rocketry fig.1 Ladybird Book of Rocketry fig.2 etc. (BTW Ladybird book of rocketry fig.5 was the first object to orbit kerbin in my KSP)
  5. I think this sort of works. Nyeh. I guess just dig around. You know, that's what the Internet's for, right?
  6. Mmm... those FX are divine. Brilliant job Hoojiwana! That brick effect is quite effective.
  7. You guys may say model trains are for grandparents, but that's unfair; lots of P̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶n̶o̶ ̶l̶i̶f̶e̶ ̶l̶i̶k̶e̶ ̶m̶e̶ normal people like me have model trains. Still, I struggle to see the difference between replica mods in KSP and replica trains.
  8. My station component docked with 0.04 units of RCS left. Hell yeah.
  9. I would say the thread had been deleted. Happens all the time.
  10. The 1st Resources debacle. That really started off that anti-SQUAD sentiment that's so apparent on the forums right now. Other than that... NASA collaboration, 0.18, new gizmos. But seriously, after the resources thing, people complain about almost everything SQUAD does.
  11. Ikaneko


    A slinky? Just based on that last line.
  12. Yes please. Also, gimme a 'set as north orientation' option so my stock apollo replicas don't screw up. It would help with awkward payloads as well.
  13. It's very much less cool. A little less longevity. Still, you lucky little **** in the US to get snaps of rocket contrails. Thatcher ensured I couldn't. What I would give to even see its trail.
  14. Poor guy. What's up?? Also, Jeb needs to be on The Simpsons. They're running out of famous people to feature so badly, I could be on it in a few years. (Well, I made the local papers in 2 counties once...)
  15. You have a great girlfriend. Seriously, I don't think I've ever been with someone who puts as much effort in. Also, any GF who even knows what KSP is is a winner in my book!
  16. I usually am able to get a coffee and drink most of it in the time it takes my KSP to load, that might be why I'm mainly playing other games (Who am I kidding? I'm just going here) I shall look into this. Also, thanks for the tip! Gimme a name so that I can smother them with rep!!
  17. Ones like Beale's are OK, with subtle movements. Ovefloater's left me mesmerised, I think it's a ploy to get a slave army for his world domination plan. Spinny spinny spinny spinny...
  18. My Jebediah on the first Career save I ever did is currently orbiting Kerbin at a highly eccentric and inclined orbit, apogee 6,000,000. I was trying to get to the mun!
  19. I prefer Karbonite to Kethane, and thank goodness Nova's (Is it Nova? I wasn't around for the 1st resources foray) parts are in. Kethane had a cooler UI like the hex overlay, as well as the depletable reserves, but there were barely any BIG deposits, and on kerbin and Eve half of them were underwater. Karbonite has always had the cooler parts as well, courtesy of Roverdude. You're the best!!
  20. I do. 'Sudo give me all your money.' 'Yes master...' The user below me has gone on IRC chat.
  21. Thanks for using my tag for Beale. (extraordinaire!), but note that he has more rep than Darth Lazarus, and thus should be higher on the list.
  22. I hate to be a pessimist but don't hold your breath. Our economy's in tatters, nothing but cuts across the board probably. It's not like Obama has anything in it for him, he's out in 3 more years. What's stupid is that our huge deficit could be eased by slashing military spending, but nooooo, Team America must be strong! I feel sorry for NASA, they get a pittance while the military receive hundreds of billions. God bless America?
  23. That feeling when... What is this?? FOX news!? Next headline: Are the jihadist muslamists training genetically engineered crabs to suicide bomb? I hear they're from Mexico. Must TIGHTEN BORDERS!!!
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