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  1. If you think about, how many other ways are there to transport large and unwieldy components over land? If you crack a joke that wasn't thought through, we will eat you alive in the science labs.
  2. Yay!! 400 pages!!! That was really friggin' quick. When did we pass 300 again? Anyway, congrats. That new TKS stuff looks good! [EDIT] it was just over a month ago. I think we should take a breather. So will this total orbital crafts revamp be dumped on us in 1.0, or before? Considering the mound of features they have planned, it might take a while. [/EDIT]
  3. Congratulations to Beale, modder extraordinaire, for making the Light Green Group! Well done, you deserve it!!
  4. Oh, yeah! Well... Your MOM's from your mom!! OHHH! *I realize he wasn't cracking a dumb joke (only a true one)* I'm someplace in the UK, but not where those pesky foxes are. I'm far away, so they can't eat my royal animated biscuits. The obscurity is real.
  5. I did that once. She split up with me after that.
  6. 2D plane? No thanks. Some of his other suggestions were a bit iffy as well, like the RCS simplifications. Those would have been a bit too game-y for me, but then again just realism wuld have been too boring. Let's take the examples of the various replica mods out there. These are often in an incompatible size to be absolutely true to the original craft. They often also use colour schemes that don't fit in with the stock game(2.3, 1.8 etc.) and the parts are all made specifically for a craft, and used in that craft in a specific place. No scope for imagination. Then let's consider a mod like Tantares. This is a replica mod, but with a difference. It uses a stock-a-like colour scheme, so the parts don't look weird when used alongside stock. It also fits in with the stock diameters, allowing a lego mindset. This is what KSP is about: realism balanced by gameiness, but not over the top.
  7. I believe it's deliberate, using the negative suffix a- to imply he's not mature, as well as an amateur. 8/10 Makes no sense but I like it. 6/10 for spelling police.
  8. With people like this SedativeChunk on the forums, no wonder women are reluctant to come forward. My shame at being in this community due to the OP was more than allayed by you guys' responses. There is hope yet!
  9. Was that the stuff we sent them in the 0,24 hypetrain thread? Good times.
  10. 500 points of rep!!!! Congratulations Beale!! Also, PPTS hype train!! Things are looking up for Tantares! This is a brilliant moment.
  11. Yes lads!!!! Re-entry heat! I've been looking forward to this since I first bought KSP!
  12. No need to submit, just post it on the forums and SQUAD will pick up on it. Threads like this would just clutter up the forums.
  13. Definitely, but unlikely. It would be a biologist's dream though. Think of the variations in the life forms! That said, the atmosphere's pressure would be messed up, with the cold side almost frozen and the hot side full of pressure. What would happen??
  14. Insurgent, am I right?? Best movie of 2015!! No. Jurassic World, Avengers 2, CA3, Star -the force awakens- Wars - Episode 7. God, Divergent was a train wreck of a movie.
  15. Ah yes, the greeble is coming. Nice props though! Is this for Salyut or Soyuz interior (I haven't been paying attention)
  16. Also, congratulations to Exothermos on becoming the latest member of the light green group! Well done!
  17. Just a heads up that Beale, Modder extraordinaire and creator of Tantares Space Technologies, is nearing 500 points of rep!! Help him reach this goal!!
  18. It's a nice idea, but sadly would be lost on most of the population.
  19. 2/10 for not landing on Jool (ha ha, what a noob)
  20. Too many to choose from... Well, freedom 7, explorer 1, Gemini, Cassini, Dawn, New Horizons, Apollo 11, Apollo 12, Apollo 13, (All other Apollos), Ares 3 (Oh wait. Who else gets it?), Oppy, Curiosity... The list goes on. I should probably update my sig...
  21. I adore notifications. My eyes just light up, and I get a warm feeling inside. Everyone who's given me rep, you're great!! Sometimes I get 2 notifications, and then I'm like "SQUEE!!"
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