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    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    I fixed the problem by editing persistent.sfs and copying the VESSELNAMING structure from a newly made vessel to my (old) space station. So I don't have a 'broken' environment anymore for you to reproduce this. But you can probably reproduce this easily using these steps: Make 2 vessels, with different naming settings Remove the VESSELNAMING structure from 1 vessel Dock the 2 vessels Undock the 2 vessels Observe the name of the vessel without VESSELNAMING structure
  2. klapstoelpiloot

    Whats in a Vessel Name?

    This is a nice system and sounds like it is well designed. But could it possibly be that it doesn't play nice with vessels made before this system was implemented? I just docked a new vessel (with these naming options set, priority of 5) with an old vessel (station which was built before this was implemented) and it changed the name of the station. Later, after undocking, I noticed the name on the part of the station was actually changed! Thats bad. Possibly a bug in there?
  3. klapstoelpiloot

    KSP 1.0 - Single launch to Eve and back

    So I'm not the first, but I still consider this a personal achievement. Here is my mission to Eve and back! Enjoy! Credit to whom it is due: Mods used: MechJeb, SpaceY, TweakScale (and some that aren't really used in this mission) Music used: Two Steps From Hell, Invincible, Sunrise, Low G Mission, Titan Dune, Dominion Heart