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  1. I thought of a pretty wacky challenge so here it is! THE CHALLENGE: You must make the smallest airplane as possible and use the biggest engines The Usable Engines: J-90 Goliath Turbofan KR-1x2 Twin Boar Liquid Fuel Kerboydne KR-2L = Rhino Liquid Fuel S3 KS-25x4 Mammoth Liquid Fuel RULES: The Plane Body cannot be bigger Than a rockmax Jumbo tank ( Wings Do not count!) Must fly to the secret airport and land back at KSC Stock only! You must do one barrel roll ( )
  2. Its the games fault, idk what happened but now i can't play Now it works a guess \-|0-0|-/
  3. I used this mod a while back but then i lost ksp so i came back and got this mod but when i slapped it into my game data folder it just froze, Any advice or help?
  4. When I first got the mod I thought it was broken but if you have a nuke on a plane or whatever make sure you don't just jettison it because you gotta fire the "missle" then it should explode snd also make sure your altitude is acceptable
  5. Well i have the same problem of the nukes not exploding and I've tried dropping them from REALLY high up and REALLY low to the ground and i need a video up soon but if theres no big nuke explosion then no video MODS (i haven't play ksp in a year so i don't have a lot of mods) BDarmory and kerbin dynamics VesselMover KAX and CAL
  6. Also you know VNG will not be required if you make it like how the ORIGINAL vostok(s) were cause theres was a seat that came out like a fighter jet seat(R.I.P that one mod)cause there was a hatch that would BLAST open then rocket motors on the seat would blow the seat out then a parachute deployed then yuri glided down to the surface
  7. Am doing a Historical KSP as a series on my channel and i only know 1 vostok mod and the first one had a IVA but the control panels were screwed up and was bright and Really glossy and the second one was vostok 2 but had the mk1-3 IVA and parachute so i CAN'T WAIT TILL THIS MOD IS FINISHED!! > MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH
  8. Hey hope you don't mind but i made a video showing these effects Aka one of the most kerbal ways of training lol:sticktongue:
  9. Hey maybe you could make a tether! so when the station thing comes out if like a lander can oxygen? wen't out you would go into eva?
  10. how did you get those launch effects at test?????!!??!?!?!!? I NEEED THEEEEEMMMMMM