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  1. The music is "The Gael" by Dougie MacLean and it was used in Last of the Mohicans.
  2. "God speed John Glenn" may well become the most tweeted phrase ever, which is a shame, because I like to remember him by another phrase. "No handball playing in this area". He was one of my childhood heroes, and one of the best generally.
  3. Just back from seeing the film. As someone who loved the book I thought the film was spot on, walking a perfect line between geek stuff and keeping a mainstream audience happy. Although I can't help thinking that if everyone in the film had painted their face green this would pretty much have been a live action version of Kerbal Space Program.
  4. Forgive me if this has been answered already, but is there a way to add the docking camera to docking ports from other mods? I'm using Chaka Monkey's parts and the ports from that don't have the cameras.
  5. With that canyon Charon is starting to look like Dres.
  6. Don't you know? Interstellar is the prequel for Wall-E.
  7. Okay, maybe I'll take a break from the Moho spacecraft. I've got an Orion that can do the round trip but getting anything bigger is a challenge that I haven't managed to beat yet. Maybe I'll go back to Jool for a while, that'll be easy by comparison...
  8. Fortunately it doesn't have the wibbily-wobbily problem that stock rockets have. There's 16,000 Delta V in that but I really need to make it a bit smaller!
  9. My Moho return Orion is already looking a little bigger than that...
  10. Working on a manned lander to Moho and an Orion to return both launched from a single launcher using these parts. I'm also avoiding any elaborate rockets such as asparagus and only building rockets that look like actual rockets. 16000 Delta-V. Who would have thought frustration could be so much fun!
  11. I'm still looking for the following parts to make the adjustment. Anyone know what they are? Radiator System Type Z Radiator System type X Engine Mount for RS-68
  12. I've checked it myself again, here's the exterior & interior views: I may also have found a little problem with the CHAKA/NOS Altair Explorer pod. It doesn't seem to have a crew hatch that's clickable to allow transfers without EVA. But still, this is a great mod and I love it!
  13. Possible bug. I've noticed that the view from the windows of the Ares when in IVA mode is 180 degrees off. When it was pointed at the sky during re-entry I could see the ground going past the window. It's a tiny thing, and it doesn't distract from this being the best new mod in ages.
  14. The torpedo idea gets my vote as well. Brilliant idea!
  15. Where's a Genesis planet when you need one
  16. Here's something else I have that may be of interest. On several occasions I was lucky enough to work with some educational packs that NASA issue that contain samples of moon rocks, including thin sections for examining with a petrological microscope. For those of you who don't know, thin sections are slices of rock cut to a thickness of 30 microns so the crystals become largely transparent. By using cross polarised light (which produces vivid colours) they can be examined in detail to determine their mineralogy. I took photos of the thin sections through the microscope and here are some of them: Apollo 16 anorthosite Apollo 12 basalt: Apollo 17 coarse grained basalt/gabbro: Micro breccias in regolith. Bonus points for those who can see the face of Stan Marsh in it: And finally, the famous orange soil from Apollo 17
  17. I have the autographs of all the moonwalkers except Neil Armstrong, including this little gem I earned by creating a planetary science exhibition at a museum when John Young was giving a talk there:
  18. Yes it is You know what makes it even better? The scene where George Clooney lets go brought all the know-it-alls (including Neil deGrasse Tyson), who decided to show off about how smart they were by never shutting up about how it doesn't conform to the laws of physics when in fact, if they'd paid just that little bit more attention they might have realised that it does.
  19. Gravity is the film that superseded The Empire Strikes Back as my favourite film. I've never seen anything on screen so beautiful, especially the re-entry scene which is the only scene in my entire life that's made me shed tears in a cinema. As to the accuracies of it, well they have a shuttle called Explorer and the mission number suggests it's in a slightly alternative future where the shuttle wasn't decommissioned and a new one built. In those circumstances I guess it would make sense to move Hubble nearer the ISS as if they have any issues with the heat shield on a repair mission they now have a safe refuge. And as for the exact details of the orbital mechanics, well I just have one thing to say. It works in Kerbal Space Program!
  20. This has some good tips on flying SSTOs to orbit and has a good selection of planes to download and try out to see how they work. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/90747-Kerbodyne-SSTO-Division-Omnibus-Thread?highlight=kerbodyne
  21. Are there any plans for Karbonite parts for the new spaceplane parts in the last two updates? I'm specifically thinking of things like drills rather than engines. A drill part that was fuselage shaped would be perfect, right now putting the drills in the cargo bays, especially for the smaller spaceplanes, is a bit awkward. If we had that the potential would be amazing.
  22. Is this thread of any help to you? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/100722-Game-locks-up-with-odd-view-of-space-centre
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