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  1. Win64* support and some performance enhacements have been confirmed for v1.1... All we have to do now is wait... :-) *this means memory increase
  2. Gosh! For a moment there I thought we couldn't have animated gifs for avatars anymore! Other then that the new forums are looking good!
  3. I never used the blog feature but was looking forward to start mine when the new patch rolled out... :( Oh well... So is life! :)
  4. I think there's room for a KSP2 but I don't think we'll need it for a long, long, long time. KSP is good enough (or will be with the new U5 engine) to stand on its own two feet for a good long time. Modders can just revamp the game from time to time and the exercise of modding has become trivially simple with the development of CKAN. Between the enormous playground that KSP is on its own and the longevity that mods create I don't think we'll need a KSP2 for a while. But, eventually, computers will get better and there will be enough reasons to warrant an upgrade. So... Unless KSP 2.0 comes after 5-10 years I don't think we'll need a completely new game from scratch. Nor do I think it'll make much financial sense as this game will sell well on its own. I think squad could start to focus on some other IP and to develop DLCs and updates for KSP. After a couple of years of doing this they could focus on KSP2.
  5. Damn... I didn't read the question (nor the description) right... I personally have no interest in Realism Overhaul. I understand it's appeal and I think it's great to see what people do with it but for me it hold no interest. That being said I would buy it if only to support squad and push them to release (even more) content for the game.
  6. To be honest this is something that happens quite often... I think the save game system could be tweaked a bit to prevent this...
  7. It'd be pretty cool if someone could make a mod that specifically adds a bunch of undisclosed features. Said features would make use of the current anomalies (and maybe add a couple of extra ones) to give clues for a big mystery (kinda like the chatterer mod used SSTV for example). The mystery doesn't have to be very fancy but it would be nice if it was great scavenger hunt around the kerbal system that had a nice finale. I've had this idea on the back of my had a couple of times and it was recently revived by this post. The thing is, a lot of mods add these easter eggs but it would be nice if someone made a mod that focuses on this exclusively.
  8. Part of me is glad for the long development time of this update. A) a lot of incremental improvements! it gave me time to catch up with other games on my backlog (mainly prison architect). Keep up the good work squad. Take your time and please apply as many performance tweaks to this game as you can! :-)
  9. LKO rendezvous otherwise I'd have to use 4 times as many engines
  10. I've used AMD on my old computer (laptop with mobility radeon) and now am using nVidia on my current desktop. It still sucks, though... It's an old GTS450 but still it's a great upgrade from what I've had...
  11. Lately I just use Champagne Bottle Lafitte... Only on truly important missions do I bother to come up with something of my own...
  12. Hi everyone. This is a bit strange to explain but I'll do my best... KSP: 1.0.4 Windows 64bit (I know but bare with me) Problem: The game works fine for a while. For the first hour or so I only notice the usual problems of the 64bit build (building randomly showing as fully upgraded for example). After a while the game becomes very laggy. Everything works fine, the frame rates are stable but the thing is that whenever I try to click something (with the mouse, obviously) the click doesn't register. I have to hold the left mouse button down for like 0,50 seconds. After a while I have to press for maybe one second. And the time keeps growing. Everything still works OK but the mouse clicks seem to take longer and longer to register. After a while the game is barely unplayable and since loading takes so long (around 5min on a SSD) I just don't bother. Mods installed: OuterPlanetsModContractConfigurator-KerbinSpaceStation StationPartsExpansion StationScience StockClamshellFairings TacFuelBalancer TACLS TACLS-Config-Stock TextureReplacer Trajectories TransferWindowPlanner TurboNisuReloaded WaterSounds CommunityTechTree NearFuturePropulsion NearFutureElectrical NearFutureSolar NearFutureConstruction NearFutureSpacecraft KSP-AVC ModuleAnimateEmissive NearFutureProps CommunityResourcePack NearFutureElectrical-Core InterstellarFuelSwitch-Core GCMonitor KWRocketry KWRocketry-CommunityFixes KWRocketry-CommunityFixes-interstage Kopernicus DistantObject VesselView CrowdSourcedFlags Toolbar TMSTACLSRetexture EpicSuits ContractConfigurator-RemoteTech ContractConfigurator-RoverMissionsbyWhyren RemoteTech RemoteTech-ProbeControlEnabler Thermometer Muffler PreciseNode RoverWheelSounds ChampagneBottleLafitte ForScienceContinued Scatterer Telemachus UniversalStorage KerboKatzUtilities NavUtilities Reproduction steps: To reproduce the problem I only have to play for a while and it ALWAYS happens. It happens with everything I try to click but seems more noticeable on the VAB/SPH. Log: The game doesn't crash so there's no crash log. System specs: I don't know if this is helpful but since it's a lowend PC it might help, still... OS: Windows 10 Pro 64bit CPU: Intel Core2Quad Q6600 @ 2.4Ghz GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTS450 (1Gb) MB: Gigabyte P35C-DS3R RAM: 8GB DDR2@400Mhz SSD: Kingston SV300 120GB (where KSP and Windows are installed) Now, I know (a) Win64 isn't supported, ( too many mods CAN cause issues and © my PC is old and slow. Still, it shouldn't have these kind of issues. The game runs just fine for a long while until these things start happening and other games run just fine. The reason why I'm posting this is because I'm not sure if this is, in fact, related to me using the 64bit workaround. The game obviously crashes if I try to run the 32bit client so I can't test it with these many mods to compare and if I remove some of the mods the problem might be an undiagnosed mod issue. Do other 64bit users have this problem? Does any 32bit user with mods installed have have these issues? Does someone with the linux 64bit version have this struggle? The computer itself is well maintained. I recently did a fresh OS install (when I upgraded to Windows 10) and I make sure to keep everything running smoothly. Boot times are fast and all desktop applications run without any issues. Any help is appreciated!
  13. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is exactly what I was looking for and works perfectly as intended!! But mapping so many keys into this controller is challenging... Specially as I'd like to keep camera control while controlling the ship/kerbal... Thanks again!
  14. I'm using the motionjoy drivers with the PS3 controller and it seems to be working fine. My only issue is to setup the triggers to thrust forwards and backwards. Currently, as I understand, the game asigns a function to an axis, in this case forward/backward on Z axis (for example) but what I'd like is to have forward thrust to the Z axis and backward thrust on the Y axis. This system works great for the thumb sticks but, sadly, it doesn't seem to work so well on the trigger fingers. Since they are pressure sensitive they work as an axis as well where 0 to 100 is forward and -100 to 0 is backward. But the problem is that since these are triggers they don't have a -100 to 0 range (only 0 to 100). What I would like to do is have one trigger thrust forward and the other trigger thrust backwards. This for RCS and EVA of course.
  15. Well... I turned off a couple of unused windows services. It's not a lot but it's as much as I can do to keep everything smooth... I really wished windows had better automatic maintenance features like apple has... Thanks for the help, though!