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  1. I'm getting rescue contracts that utilize parts from this pack that don't have hatches, like the 'Star' utility module. It's not really been a problem as I just edit the save game to change it to a command module. Did I overlook a cfg file or something?
  2. I just downloaded the ship and it's very nice. I just have two questions... First, how did you attach the decoupling ring to the parachute on top of the command module? When I try to do that on ships that I make, I cannot get the ring to snap to the top of the parachute. Second, how do you use a subassembly with a command module in it? Whenever I try to create a new ship, the subassembly button is missing until I place a command module. Then when I use your command module subassembly, I cannot use it because the first module I placed is the primary command module. Any help from you or anyone else that knows more about how to use the VAB would be great.