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  1. No, I hope I never need to. I build and fly my rockets to be reliable as I have a policy of only reverting in the event of glitches or minor goofs. That said, I always add them to my capsule designs--it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it.
  2. Oh. So we're necroposting now? Alright, I'm game. Mine is mostly utilities and aesthetics. I swore off parts mods as I never ended up using any of the parts in them. TweakScale gives me 100x more parts, but even then, I do have some installed as they have parts that I felt were missing from the game, such as aircraft parts.
  3. I'd like to have my username changed to CaelumEtAstra. (Mrsupersonic8 is soooooo 2009)
  4. I updated my modded save to KSP 1.6.1 and every time I've loaded it up, It crashes when trying to load the part configs. I kept removing mods that it crashed while loading, but it kept crashing on a different one. I narrowed down the problem to Module Manager, and when I removed it, KSP loaded fine with no errors. I then stripped down the GameData folder to nothing but stock files and a single test config. It loaded everything fine. Here is the crash file. Screenshot of GameData folder here. All mods are up to date, including Module Manager. Nevermind, It was InFlightFlagSwitcher that was causing the crash.
  5. "Well, there's your problem!" (Often spouted when I find a simple problem that I missed while troubleshooting)
  6. Personally, I will continue to use Kerbal Engineer as it has a HUD that allows me to see things at-a-glance rather than having to go into and out of the map screen to check my apo- and periapsis. I also perdict that in the future, it will save me from having to scroll through long staging lists to check dV.
  7. RED ALERT! MAN THE HYPE TRAIN, BOILER PRESSURE TO MAXIMUM! Seriously, though, great addition! Now we can have proper aviation flight suits rather than having to lug around that big bulky helmet.
  8. Do I implement them? Yes, wherever I can. Have I tested them? Yes. Do I hope to ever use them? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Also, I don't like part failure mods because the failures are arbitrary; all risk and no reward. IRL, failures do not happen without good reason, especially in spaceflight. If you want some good examples, read this post.
  9. I have two from recent memory, both while assembling Atlantis Station. The first involved a docking node. As I was removing it from the cargo bay of Boreas--a member of my Anemoi SSTO spaceplane family--with a KMU (Kerbal Maneuvering Unit), the module exploded, flinging the it and the operator, Sonvis Kerman, away from the station at high speed. My first thought was to save Sonvis; I pointed the KMU retrograde to the relative velocity to the station and thrusted until it was killed. Once that was done, I assessed the situation, and realized the explosion left a debris field around the station. So I got Sonvis back on board Atlantis, put Anemoi on a lower orbit to prep for reentry, and moved the station to a lower orbit. I also had to raise Olympus Station's orbit as the field crossed over its orbit. Once I had landed Boreas, I got back in the SPH and found that the Clamp-O-Tron Sr. docking ports on the node where clipping into the bay. I fixed it by offsetting them inwards and made a note to do proper fit checks on every payload before flight. The second invovled Zephyrus (another Anemoi) on reentry and landing. It had delivered its payloads to Atlantis successfully--a second node and a cupola. While on final approach, I landed it hard and broke the runway. I punched the throttle immediately, pulled up, and raised the landing gear. Once back in the air, I realized the only option I had was to ditch. The Island Runway was too short, and I was not about to risk running off into the broken end of the runway on a go around. (In retrospect, I could have landed on the grass next to the runway. Ah well, heat of the moment and all that...) I brought it out over the ocean and carefully managed my vertical speed. I had tested ditching with Anemoi before and suffice to say it wasn't successful. But against all odds, Zephyrus landed in the ocean unscathed. While Zephyrus' engines would need an overhaul after being exposed to the sea salt, full recovery was possible, and it would live to fly another day.
  10. Testing the NERV in a specific biome for a contract?
  11. Eh, what the heck... I'll throw in my two Spesos. I'm fine with MechJeb as long as it's not being used as a crutch. Personally, I used it to get a feel for certain things at first, like rendezvous & docking as well as how to do a proper gravity turn. Now, it's mostly used only to automate in system maneuver plotting and for precise attitude control & orientation (particularly for docking). Honestly though, there are thousands of playstyles and preferences for every player of KSP. There is no one right one, so who am I to judge?
  12. 0. Stick to realism as much as possible.1. Be sure to follow Akin's Laws. (Within reason, of course.)2. KISS: Small, efficient spacecraft and rockets can do a just as good if not better than an oversized capital ship. (Alternate formulation: AVOID SCOPE/FEATURE CREEP.) 3. Keep debris to a minimum. a. All upper stages must have capability to deorbit after payload is released. b. If deorbit is not possible, it must be on the surface of an object, on a trajectory that impacts an object (like Mun or Minmus), in a graveyard orbit, or placed into a heliocentric orbit. 4. All space stations must have at least one spacecraft per visting crew docked to act as a lifeboat in the event of an emergency.5. Quicksave excessively, but quickload sparingly. Also, no reverts. (Unless it's something stupid that "would never happen to NASA", like a bungled launch profile or game glitch.)6. Cheats are for simulations ONLY.7. Never ever ever use fuel ducts. They get stuck on parts they shouldn't for good no reason when loading in.
  13. I was building an airplane with the KS-FAT-29 gears and found that they were causing it to jump after loading. After testing to make sure it wasn't the design of the aircraft or how KSP handles landing gears, I found that the all of gears are missing their wheel colliders, which was causing them to clip into the runway, as demonstrated in this video: Also note that the steering animations on the KS-FAT-29s are not what they should be. All of the other gears are fine, though. I tested this with a new craft in a clean copy with only the mod and its dependency, Firespitter (which I don't think is the culprit here). While I didn't find anything in the log file that could give any further clues, perhaps a pair of seasoned modder eyes could catch something, so here it is: I'm hoping I just installed it incorrectly or borked something while deleting part files I didn't want, but if not, I think I may have stumbled on a bug.