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  1. There are existing ways to mitigate this. Say you have a two minute burn. You start firing your engine one minute before the node, so half the burn takes place before, half after. This minimizes, and for shorter burns, effectively eliminates, the error created by not delivering the required Delta V instantly. With that said, I like your solution a lot. My only concern would be performance for lower end machines, as KSP is not exactly known for being a well optimised game. From how you described the required code, it doesn't seem like such continuous recalculation would be too intensive.
  2. The map screen would be so much better if you could just untether the camera and move it around with WASD. I do like your main screen maneuver editor though. Typically though, once I am ready to go interplanetary in career mode, I slap Mechjeb modules on my stuff and use it for rendevous, basic transfers, and putting rockets I have flown a lot into orbit. It just gets too tedious plotting all of it by hand.
  3. The maneuver node system. The recent changes have made it somewhat more workable, but it can still be something of a pain. Besides that, the general bugginess of the game is also a drawback, although it has improved greatly from past years.
  4. Whackjob used so many struts his PC literally melted, so he has to be included. All of the Youtubers mentioned previously are excellent. One of the best designers I can think of is someone who I actually knew on here, zekes. He took stock weaponry and armor to new heights, and also built a couple replicas of ridiculous scale. However, the individual whose style of play I enjoy the most is Cupcake. Sleek, high performance crafts, awesome cinematics with amazing stunts, and his videos always have top-tier soundtracks. He's been doing it for ages, too.
  5. "Take feature that was stock in popular game and rerelease as DLC feature for sequel" is a method of capitalizing on a franchise commonly used by awful companies. Take Two is an awful company. Do not expect them to do the right thing here, unless it becomes very clear to them that nobody will buy the game if they don't.
  6. Perhaps not. Take Two has lost my trust as a consumer. I am still not convinced that KSP 2 will not be a microtransaction-riddled heartless cash grab wearing the skin of one of my favorite games. Until it is released and proven not to be that, I will remain skeptical. I believe many people looking to buy the game will do something similar, so opening day sales and preorders will probably be lower than expected. Regardless, I am going to wait for a Steam sale to pick it up. It is sad, really. This was the only thing I was looking forward to this year, and the first game in seven years I considered preordering.
  7. And thus ends KSP's greatest literary epic. Thank you, KSK.
  8. I was fully ready for KSP to fade out as one of the best games ever made. As soon as I saw the trailer in my recommended, I was smiling. When I heard the song they picked, my smile widened. When I saw Orion drives, interstellar travel, and multiplayer...well, does anyone know a good jaw surgeon? I think I might need one now.
  9. Jesus Jetfuel Christ man, how did you even build this?! Well done.
  10. I will add it to the list of things to ask my friend to make. At this rate I may have to pay him.
  11. What other engines could support KSP? My understanding is they adopted Unity in the first place because it was best able to deal with the large volume of part-to-part physics calculations needed for a game like this.
  12. Oh I know, but at least then it seemed like the result of honest incompetence and a poor game engine. Game also never used to stutter like this. Just lag and crash.
  13. I think the memory leakage is enough of an issue to be classified as a bug. Seriously. For anyone lacking a proper gaming PC, you are basically stuck playing stock. Maybe one or two mods. Anything more and clicking launch becomes an act of faith. As my game currently sits, with about 12 mods installed, I CTD every half hour or so, and even in pure stock my game stutters every 15 seconds or so on minimal graphics with anything over 80 parts. It is borderline unplayable. Guess I should have expected this from the corporate vultures. Gold plate them turds!
  14. Huh. I thought the wakefield engine would have a constant isp more or less, since it has a fixed accelerator length. Adding more power would just add more mass being accelerated and allow higher thrust at the same ISP. Since the engine is basically just a laser powered particle accelerator, this makes sense to me. What am I missing?
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