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  1. I was fully ready for KSP to fade out as one of the best games ever made. As soon as I saw the trailer in my recommended, I was smiling. When I heard the song they picked, my smile widened. When I saw Orion drives, interstellar travel, and multiplayer...well, does anyone know a good jaw surgeon? I think i might need one now.
  2. Jesus Jetfuel Christ man, how did you even build this?! Well done.
  3. I will add it to the list of things to ask my friend to make. At this rate I may have to pay him.
  4. What other engines could support KSP? My understanding is they adopted Unity in the first place because it was best able to deal with the large volume of part-to-part physics calculations needed for a game like this.
  5. Oh I know, but at least then it seemed like the result of honest incompetence and a poor game engine. Game also never used to stutter like this. Just lag and crash.
  6. I think the memory leakage is enough of an issue to be classified as a bug. Seriously. For anyone lacking a proper gaming PC, you are basically stuck playing stock. Maybe one or two mods. Anything more and clicking launch becomes an act of faith. As my game currently sits, with about 12 mods installed, I CTD every half hour or so, and even in pure stock my game stutters every 15 seconds or so on minimal graphics with anything over 80 parts. It is borderline unplayable. Guess I should have expected this from the corporate vultures. Gold plate them turds!
  7. Huh. I thought the wakefield engine would have a constant isp more or less, since it has a fixed accelerator length. Adding more power would just add more mass being accelerated and allow higher thrust at the same ISP. Since the engine is basically just a laser powered particle accelerator, this makes sense to me. What am I missing?
  8. Yeah that isn't showing up for me either on the discovery or regular plasma engine. Will investigate further. Also, should the singularity reactor be outputting hydrogen when set to do hydrogen fusion? Also also, is the thrust curve on the Wakefield engine supposed to be...weird? I don't know how else to describe it. Full throttle gives stupid high thrust (TWR>1) and low isp, lower gives the opposite, but it seems to have a hard transition between the two in the top third of the throttle range.
  9. The TAC LS recyclers are great for most purposes, but when building really large stations the fact that they only service 10 Kerbals at most gets annoying. It means you need to add 30 parts to recycle oxygen and water. Are there any mods that add larger converters? Or a self-contained "all in one" recycler? I like TAC because of its realism, but for part count's sake I may be forced to use USI instead.
  10. Where was this list of configs? Don't need specific right now, just generally which folder was it in, KSS or Kopernicus?
  11. The whole dark matter halo bit is interesting and I hope Dr. Farnes is able to continue his research. His model already displayed a lot of unexpected behavior (gravitational particle pairs accelerating each other to the speed of light almost never happen, for instance). It would be interesting to see if it could explain other dark matter observations. Could a lack of electromagnetic interaction be responsible for the motion of the dark matter halos? I would imagine that that is the main component of drag. Also, his paper claims that gravitational attraction between negative masses and positive is possible, keep that in mind.
  12. The more I learn about this mod, the more impressed I am. A few more questions. The Discovery Fusion Engine seems very weak compared to its counterparts. Similar ISP but miniscule thrust. Also, how does plasma nozzle ISP throttling work? Doesn't seem to do anything.
  13. Off topic, but every time I read one of your comments I do it in Brain's voice and it's hilarious. Also, why would you assume we would easily find this sort of substance in particle physics? We have yet to find gravitons despite decades of work, neutrinos took 30+ years to find, and these are particles predicted by our current model whose predicted properties we can design tests around. If this negative fluid exists, it is something not currently in the Standard Model by my understanding, and nobody has been explicitly looking for it either. Add in the fact that it would likely have little or no electromagnetic interaction, and is likely only present in very small amounts in our neck of the woods, and it seems to me that finding this stuff would be similar to finding someone else's contact lens in a dark room by pure chance.