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  1. Hands down, best Apollo replica done in KSP to date. Absolutely amazing work! All of it looks so good.
  2. Thank you, it took a really long time to both build, test and fly everything in this replica, and there were plenty of kraken attacks along the way. It's a pleasant surprise to see you still around btw. The lower stage uses the HECS2 probe cores, and the upper stages uses a large variety of parts, such as probe cores, fuel tanks, thermometers and parachutes. Here is a closer look at the LEM https://imgur.com/gallery/IUtokYB
  3. Originally, I was only going to build a custom launch pad for my Shuttle, but somewhere along the line I got a little carried away and ended up building the entire launch tower, oops. The launch tower is ~1200 parts and the shuttle is ~1400 parts
  4. Oh my, that is absolutely stunning., really love the details on the F-1s in particular. In my experience something that helped with the inevitable explosions and kraken attacks was testing each stage individually, with placeholder boosters instead of the rest of the Saturn's stages, it'll make it easier to focus on making each stage flightworthy.
  5. Jeez @Dman979 I think the last time I posted in this thread must have been a good 4 years ago Forum replies make this too easy, just gonna throw it back at you lol
  6. holy s*#@ that does not even look like stock parts anymore. so. much. detail. truly amazing work on that LM,
  7. I'm very happy to hear that! Though, your computer will probably appreciate it less...
  8. It's been a very long while since I released anything on the forums, and longer still since I started working on this replica. I've been working on and off on this replica for over a year, and the sheer complexity of this thing made it very hard to really finish. Unlike the real thing, I couldn't do any "all-up" tests and I had to do flight testing of every stage, and let me tell you, it was difficult-I spent a lot of time just making the first stage not explode on launch. And because of how long I spent building, I made many changes here and there to the craft, never being really satisfied w
  9. Thought that was just your own kerbal lore until I looked it up, god damn it actually did have 7 turrets lmao. Very nice ships and planes, always love seeing your builds
  10. Thank you ^^ Yeah I really do spend way too much time on these....
  11. I got some of them from a KSP discord server, but for the rest I just took them off google and made it into the right proportions in MS paint, also for the shuttle names I used a font generator (Helvetica bold) and did the same in paint.
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