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  1. Can you fix the download page. When i click on it, it says this page has not been found. I am willing to try this mod out please fix this soon.

  2. Thanks my friend - I do my best to get back on track soon That is a steam question - right? "normal" KSP is no problem, just open the old install.. for steam - I have no idea - sorry..
  3. Sorry for the delay guys, I was in hospital Had to undergo a severe imergency lung operation last week they said, 2 days later I would have been dead.. Hail medicine.. I know LCARS is cool but to live is actually also cool (if you know what I mean) I'm still officially on sick leave for an other 3 weeks - I can't give you any eta right now.. ..but at least I'm sitting at my desk right now - so it can only get better.. thta's the news for now.. bye
  4. Welcome to the forums.. :-) It's in progress - please bear with me a little longer..
  5. LOL I have to ask it.. did you even read this post.. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/86169-1-0-LCARS-Mark-II-Dev-and-Support-Beta-Release-%2829-04-2015%29?p=2010262&viewfull=1#post2010262 Oh wait - it's probbably my fault.. The old LCARS wiki on github is NOT FOR MARK II!!!!! It seems I have not removed that old link to that old wiki in first post - my bad - sorry for the confusion.. link is gone now.. Mark II does not have an own wiki by now.. only the infos in this forum thread are relevant. To be clear this time: What you have in this cfg is outdated stuff from last years LCARS version beta 9. Beta 9 is no longer supported and does no longer work. it will work on KSP version 0.24 - but not for 1.0.0 and above! You MUST use the cfg noted in the post above (follow link).. nothing else will work.. LCARS is in developpment and CFGs are subject to change... Since last august, those CFGs have changed quite a bit. That is why the old wiki is outdated.. I just have no time to write a new one.. Since no one (except you) did read it anyway.. So - only follow those instructions and you are good to go.. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/86169-1-0-LCARS-Mark-II-Dev-and-Support-Beta-Release-%2829-04-2015%29?p=2010262&viewfull=1#post2010262 good luck.. Edit: PS: when I said "read the wiki" in my last responses, I was talking about this one.. http://wiki.kerbalspaceprogram.com/wiki/Main_Page The official KSP wiki - it explains most things to know about installing mods and changing CFG files..
  6. Hi, welcome to the forums :-) How to install LCARS to a custom part - well - read above :-) If you have trouble with CFG-Files, you might wanna check the KSP wiki, the KSP guids, the KSP new players forums etc.. I'd say it makes no sence, if I re-type the whole available KSP docs and forums.. Just browse the forums, the wiki and maybe use google to get your info.. We all had to do it at the beginning - now it's your turn :-) It's an easy thing to understand - just go and read the beginners guids and stuff.. I don't know what video you talk about - there are many on youtube. The video you saw, was probbably made with the old version of LCARS - it had weappons! The new one does currently not have weappons.. Teleporters are there though.. LCARS Mark II is made available "as is" and currently only works with KSP 1.0.0! See link in first post titled "Download" (intuitive isn't it :-D ) Update is on the way - but has to wait until the new weapon system is written and tested.. be patient. About SciFi ShipYard.. It is customary to ask such question those guys who actually made a mod - I have no ties to scifi ship yards and I have downloaded it the last time in Sept.2014 - that is outdated by now.. In the first post, you will find a link to StarVision's Thread - there you should get expert help.. (the picture never showed up btw) Well I hope that was somewhat helpull and good luck LLAP
  7. If the LCARS window does not open on it's own, then there is something wrong.. We can try to debug it.. If you tried the following: - confirm, that your KSP version is still 1.00 and not 1.02 (..as the thread title states :-) ) - launch several times - check logs for LCARS related errors and found nothing, then.. then, my best guess would be you have something wrong with the installation.. To make sure, launch one of the included LCARS ships - if they do not work, your install is screwed.. If they do work, please upload a usable(*) KSP.log file and post a link here.. maybe then, I'm able to help you further.. * you make my live easier, if you follow this procedure: - start KSP - load your LCARS part in editor - launch it - confirm, that there is no LCARS - close KSP => go to: /[..]/KSP_win/KSP.log upload this.. Thanks in advance.. I know it sucks, that it's still on 1.0.. I'm just kind of buisy these days.. ..it'll be updated soon.. I promise.. So if the version is your cause, it's just a temporary thing..
  8. Welcome to the forums :-) Let me clear up some misconception Parts: things you can use in editor to build stuff Plugins: .dll files that extend the functionality of KSP and now the little specialty of LCARS.. => One Part Vessels: It's technicaly also a part, but can not be used to build other stuff in editor.. no connection nodes! LCARS does not offer any "Parts" as you know them - LCARS is a Plugin with additionally provided but completely unnecessary OnePartVessels.. They look like Space Ships and are finished as they are.. not combinable with other KSP parts as you would expect.. So - if you want LCARS in any other part than the OnePartVessels, you would have to edit the cfg file of an other part. Simply include the LCARS module code (in the cfg file) from one of my OnepartVessels into a cfg file of a part of your liking. (I suggest one of the command pods) => done.. (Can also be done by creating a Module Manager config - MM is also a plugin, that is able to change part cfg files on the fly..) That LCARS Module Code from the cfg file, does occationally change, when I make changes to the code.. So it's bound to be updated after every LCARS update.. currently that code looks about like this: MODULE { name = LCARSMarkII engine_type = 0.1 // valid settings: 0.1,0.25,0.5,1,2,3,4,5 CrewQuartiers_MaxCrewSpace = 0 // int seat number; set to a reasonable value for this model // resource options max_resource_tanks = 1 // int tank number; set to a reasonable value for this model max_resource_amount = 0.5 // float in tons; set to a reasonable value for this model TractorAssembly_GameObjects = BackLight,FrontLight // a list of GameObects, that are actually present in the model. If you don't know the exact name(s), leave it empty. } You will also need those two modules: RESOURCE { name = ElectricCharge amount = 50000000 maxAmount = 50000000 } RESOURCE { name = CondensedDeuterium amount = 100 maxAmount = 500 } It's the battery and the fuel for LCARS Impulse Drive.. Hint: visit one of the LCARS Stations - there you can refuel.. Hope that helps..
  9. Thanks for that report - I think I knew of this bug - but since monthes, I only used my one part vessels.. I can garantee that it works for them so far.. Will have to fix it though... As a work around, for your own multipart vessels, ascend manually and slower - then the heat does not destroy the ship.. Hint: in Bridge Panel Subsystem "ShipInfo" - activate the hull selction - there the current hull temperature is displayed.. might help to keep it low enough..
  10. Thanks for the report.. I'm in the process of packing/uploading the patched version now.. It works, all subsystems work but there are some minor problems I need to adress later.. - non game braking stuff 1. tricorder is currently inoperable 2. The stock toolbar bugs around - but in general it's working 3. Transporter mode "ShipToGround" seems to have a problem in some of the ships.. works in some but not all - have to investigate in detail - might be a new model transform issue.. download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/pjcGhnJc3FCTx9rhGa/LCARSMarkII-v0.0.4%2029.04.2015.zip Hints: The new part heat system of KSP will destroy your ships of you fly too fast in atmosphere! Luckily we have the Structural Integrity Field (SIF) - if you set the force to 10, you will surwife all and every landing/start.. SIF does change part values for max heat and max impact - don't hesitate to leave it on all the time - since part heat is deadly otherwise..
  11. I didn't even install 1.0 so far - had no time.. The idea is great though..
  12. Well - that sounds like a huge pile of shi.. bad luck.. I'm sorry for your loss - it was a great mod.. I have here one or two of your blend files - if that helps, let me know..
  13. Halfways back after sick leave, I have made some tests in Career mode today.. It seems LCARS is working and the ships are visible in techtree.. So far, LCARS comes as one package, no progression or so - either you have a ship with LCARS or you don't.. Therefore - it's not LCARS that needs a tech node, it's only the ships that have this ability.. I moved all ships now to metaMaterial today.. ..it seemed fitting. But, I'm open for suggestions concerning the tech nodes to use.. anyone? My career experiance is limited - so if no one objects, it will stay like this: - All ships come together at the end of tech tree - They only have a "progression" when it comes to prices - the bigger the expensive.. Price balancing is also due now..
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