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  1. Thanks my friend - I do my best to get back on track soon That is a steam question - right? "normal" KSP is no problem, just open the old install.. for steam - I have no idea - sorry..
  2. Sorry for the delay guys, I was in hospital Had to undergo a severe imergency lung operation last week they said, 2 days later I would have been dead.. Hail medicine.. I know LCARS is cool but to live is actually also cool (if you know what I mean) I'm still officially on sick leave for an other 3 weeks - I can't give you any eta right now.. ..but at least I'm sitting at my desk right now - so it can only get better.. thta's the news for now.. bye
  3. Welcome to the forums.. :-) It's in progress - please bear with me a little longer..
  4. LOL I have to ask it.. did you even read this post.. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/86169-1-0-LCARS-Mark-II-Dev-and-Support-Beta-Release-%2829-04-2015%29?p=2010262&viewfull=1#post2010262 Oh wait - it's probbably my fault.. The old LCARS wiki on github is NOT FOR MARK II!!!!! It seems I have not removed that old link to that old wiki in first post - my bad - sorry for the confusion.. link is gone now.. Mark II does not have an own wiki by now.. only the infos in this forum thread are relevant. To be clear this time: What you have in this cfg is outdated stuff from last years LC
  5. Hi, welcome to the forums :-) How to install LCARS to a custom part - well - read above :-) If you have trouble with CFG-Files, you might wanna check the KSP wiki, the KSP guids, the KSP new players forums etc.. I'd say it makes no sence, if I re-type the whole available KSP docs and forums.. Just browse the forums, the wiki and maybe use google to get your info.. We all had to do it at the beginning - now it's your turn :-) It's an easy thing to understand - just go and read the beginners guids and stuff.. I don't know what video you talk about - there are many on youtube. The video you saw,
  6. If the LCARS window does not open on it's own, then there is something wrong.. We can try to debug it.. If you tried the following: - confirm, that your KSP version is still 1.00 and not 1.02 (..as the thread title states :-) ) - launch several times - check logs for LCARS related errors and found nothing, then.. then, my best guess would be you have something wrong with the installation.. To make sure, launch one of the included LCARS ships - if they do not work, your install is screwed.. If they do work, please upload a usable(*) KSP.log file and post a link here.. maybe then, I'm able to he
  7. Welcome to the forums :-) Let me clear up some misconception Parts: things you can use in editor to build stuff Plugins: .dll files that extend the functionality of KSP and now the little specialty of LCARS.. => One Part Vessels: It's technicaly also a part, but can not be used to build other stuff in editor.. no connection nodes! LCARS does not offer any "Parts" as you know them - LCARS is a Plugin with additionally provided but completely unnecessary OnePartVessels.. They look like Space Ships and are finished as they are.. not combinable with other KSP parts as you would expect.. So - if
  8. Thanks for that report - I think I knew of this bug - but since monthes, I only used my one part vessels.. I can garantee that it works for them so far.. Will have to fix it though... As a work around, for your own multipart vessels, ascend manually and slower - then the heat does not destroy the ship.. Hint: in Bridge Panel Subsystem "ShipInfo" - activate the hull selction - there the current hull temperature is displayed.. might help to keep it low enough..
  9. Thanks for the report.. I'm in the process of packing/uploading the patched version now.. It works, all subsystems work but there are some minor problems I need to adress later.. - non game braking stuff 1. tricorder is currently inoperable 2. The stock toolbar bugs around - but in general it's working 3. Transporter mode "ShipToGround" seems to have a problem in some of the ships.. works in some but not all - have to investigate in detail - might be a new model transform issue.. download link: https://dl.orangedox.com/pjcGhnJc3FCTx9rhGa/LCARSMarkII-v0.0.4%2029.04.2015.zip Hints: The new part
  10. I didn't even install 1.0 so far - had no time.. The idea is great though..
  11. Well - that sounds like a huge pile of shi.. bad luck.. I'm sorry for your loss - it was a great mod.. I have here one or two of your blend files - if that helps, let me know..
  12. Halfways back after sick leave, I have made some tests in Career mode today.. It seems LCARS is working and the ships are visible in techtree.. So far, LCARS comes as one package, no progression or so - either you have a ship with LCARS or you don't.. Therefore - it's not LCARS that needs a tech node, it's only the ships that have this ability.. I moved all ships now to metaMaterial today.. ..it seemed fitting. But, I'm open for suggestions concerning the tech nodes to use.. anyone? My career experiance is limited - so if no one objects, it will stay like this: - All ships come together at the
  13. tactical is not done yet.. no weappons by now - sorry.. SciFi Shipyard uses BDArmoury afaik - you might wanna ask on that thread.. something else.. I've added some tuts to OP.. Tutorials: How to get into a stable orbit - StandardOrbit - StO: How to land your ship: Advanced Orbit Navigation - ATC, HSO, etc..: Take Me To Target - TMTT: MagBoots: Fuel Transfer and FuelTanks: How to use the IFD to find ActionPoints:
  14. this is the cause DynamicHeapAllocator out of memory - Could not get memory for large allocationCould not allocate memory: System out of memory! Trying to allocate: 89478484B with 4 alignment. MemoryLabel: NewDelete Allocation happend at: Line:0 in Overloaded New[] Memory overview [ ALLOC_DEFAULT ] used: 338357776B | peak: 0B | reserved: 353311616B [ ALLOC_GFX ] used: 152985863B | peak: 0B | reserved: 182007772B [ ALLOC_CACHEOBJECTS ] used: 222888B | peak: 0B | reserved: 12582912B [ ALLOC_TYPETREE ] used: 0B | peak: 0B | reserved: 0B [ ALLOC_PROFILER ] used: 103824B | peak: 0B | reserved:
  15. I agree on all acounts.. The LiveSupport is currently a "nice to have" since I need time to study the topic in more detail.. I've never cared a lot for this kind of realism in my carreer games, therefore I have not much idea about the way they work.. guess I need to try all of them first to make a reasonable descission.. My approach - the one I have in mind - is that a kerbal sitting in an LCARS vessel will never suffacate or starve. In star trek no one ever starved - they can eat when they want with the replicators because it's fun, but a kerbal that is offrails will allways be fed sufficiant
  16. Thanks man - at least one person took the time to type some feedback :-D Yeah, it has a learning curve - and the old wiki is useless for MarkII but I'll write a new one when I find time.. My GitHub has a wiki - if you feel like, you can start hihi BlizzyBar: I tried, it didn't work - I get some reflection errors and it does not build - I might give it an other try, but no promises.. in meantime, you can use the actiongroup... I've added an action group to toggle the LCARS windows.. That might help also a bit for now Also my stockTB-Button is crapp - it should only be visible if you use an LCAR
  17. I think it's not your style, it is GUI GUI is in CSS terms the "absolute" - GuyLayout is "relative" if you have two buttons in vertical GUILayout, the will automatically be positioned propperly and the box height wll be increased to make them fit GUI on the other hand, allways messures from the reference box by your Rect values.. if you diplay the button for example in an other box with other messurements, those carefully set RectValues are non-sense in that reference.. My suggestion might sound drastic at first, but if you don't have a special reason for using GUI, it might be worth it.. Repl
  18. I've had this once, when one node had it's Y up, and ths other had it forward.. they need afaik to be rotated so they align.. afaik, this is fixed by adding 90 to one of these node defining numbers in cfg file
  19. Is this used inside GUILayout or inside GUI? Those buttons are on top of each other as soon as it goes wrong - right? That indicates it's GUI - GUI needs strict positioning.. Could it be, that these buttons are positioned by GUI-functions and somehow lose theire position Rect values? Just guessing.. would need more insight to debug..
  20. I've made some tutorial videos.. - I hope they help somewhat.. Tutorials: How to get into a stable orbit: How to land your ship: Advanced Orbit Navigation:
  21. Introducing - Static NCI Objects - aka Ground Bases! They can have Partmodules, Resources, are walkable and contain loads of Actionpoints for NCI... How it's done - Plant a flag, where you want the base.. - Switch Vessel to the flag - Select Object - Hit the button.. Works on every planetary body.. Edit: This is how it looks inside..
  22. neither have I.. I have never said, he can't.. I said don't use mesh colliders as CONVEX!! If that wasn't clear, my bad.. Mesh colliders are good for kerbals to walk on, for other parts to hit on, but they will fall through the terrain when landed.. this terrain problem is the only reason for convex colliders and it can be solved with the 8 corner-spheres or boxes! No need to have the whole part in convex colliders.. every mesh should be a mesh collider except it's a passable forcefield or so.. but non of them should be convex. I hope that clears it up..
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