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  1. Similar problem already reported by Geschosskopf: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/22757
  2. I've put a DeployedCentralStation on the dark side of the mun. It has no CommNet connection to kerbin, so I get a message telling me so. The problem is when I start timewarping: I get spammed with 100+ messages saying the same thing, with no way to clear them all easily Save and screenshots https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6rjhyx27bd4xde/AAARY2zZaxXzPKHO2mQ40-5Ra?dl=0 I initially found the bug when I was on minmus: since minmus is rotating, my station is sometimes is in line of sight of kerbin, but it is hidden often enough that I still get spammed. KSP (not steam) Version: [config] build id = 02539 2019.05.29 at 07:00:13 PDT Branch: master language = en-us Running on windows 7 64bit Breaking Ground 1.0.0
  3. I can see how that would be crucial ; with OSE Workshop & pathfinder you can keep playing even with kerbin destroyed :-)
  4. With KIS/KAS you can add a docking port to an existing vessel, and immediately dock to that port. I did it with the junior one because you can have it in your inventory.
  5. I ran low on fuel in high orbit of Jool... So I used KIS and my 3 kerbals to disassemble my rocket piece by piece. Among the new debris around Jool are: * 2 nuke engines (who needs 4 engines anyway ?) * All the empty tanks, unused fuel lines, struts. * Landing gear and 2/3rd of the parachutes. All those parts below the cabin can cushion a landing, right ? * All scientific equipment * Fuel cells and half of the batteries Result: went from 850m/s (which only brought me to Dres) to 1300m/s and a collision course to Kerbin, leaving me 50m/s for fine targetting. Success !
  6. I did. I used the full suspension for my manual-controlled rides at the poles. And a flatter one for the plains. At 4X warp, the suspension system will generate its own bumps so you don't want it too high. Another thing I found out is that if you activate SAS stabilisation on mechjeb's rover autopilot, it will brake to keep you aligned & under your target speed. But using vanila SAS, I could go way faster than the RPM limit of the wheels, especially on downslopes.
  7. Challenge completed ! My report is all in the imgur album http://imgur.com/a/9X0MK Please tell me if you need more data
  8. Hi fellow explorers I'm attempting the circumnavigation of Vall by the poles. relevant mods: * Mechjeb (to press on the damn forward key) * Wheels from Kerbal Foundries * B9 for the SAS * FAR for the added fun launching from Kerbin Update: Tour completed !
  9. I'm currently 3/4th of the way around Vall, and driving at 30-40 m/s so you're not that far off. Anyway you don't want a top speed much larger than what your materials can take on a collision. In terms of dimensions, my rover is 12m*10m*5m (L, W, H), with big-ass SAS units.
  10. Just one probe with parachutes is enough for a size A or B. When I tried with a size C, I just broke my parachutes . Needs moar parachutes!
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