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  1. Unity is a relatively new game engine (compared to established industry standard such as Unreal Engine). When KSP, Cities : Skylines and such came out, not many people had much experience. Now, more and more people are getting experience working with Unity3D and it shows; more and more stunning titles are being released. There are quite a few impressive titles in the works right now. It is a matter of experience. Unity3D itself is just a tool that is starting to mature; the industry already is looking for experienced Unity3D developers for their own projects. And I tell you, its
  2. Hope you don't mind me reporting this here. [ERR 18:07:27.118] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null [ERR 18:07:27.118] ADDON BINDER: Cannot resolve assembly: TestFlightCore, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null [ERR 18:07:27.140] Module SmartTankPart threw during OnStart: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at SmartTank.SmartTank.gravAccel (.CelestialBody b) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at SmartTank.SmartTankPart.bodyChanged (.BaseField field, System.Object o) [0x00000]
  3. Also, stock reentry vs. rescale reentry is like "Lalala~" vs. "LalalaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" *puff of smoke* Keep orbital velocities in mind! On another note, what about a downscale mod? I wonder what would it feel like the Little Prince...
  4. Say... Did Bob Kerman Gaelan retire or something? I needed a scientist for my next mission, so I thought "Time for Bob to shine!" and then find an empty cubicle where he used to be. Can't be that I lost him on a mission because so far in a new save I've only been using grinning Jeb.
  5. That is an awesome tidbit, thanks! Might want to jot it down somewhere visible...
  6. "Wait, the target orbit is retrograde?" victim represent!
  7. Hey. So. I am using 2.5 ReScale config with GPP and I was wondering about acquiring proper Delta-V values for each body. Looking at the Delta-V map for "stock" GPP, I figured I can't use these nor can I just multiply them with 2.5. I consulted the in-game "wiki" (R&D archives), but their pages were empty. Is that normal? Or could it be ResearchBodies jealously prying the juicy infos away from my inquisitive eyes? Just as I was starting to panic (Oh noes! I might actually have to do the maths!), I caught a glimpse of the Astrogator addon. Popped it up and - hey, it has all the dV
  8. Perhaps ContractConfigurator could be used to fix (replace) stock contracts for rescale? Also, thumbs up for these configs! Just what I needed to freshen my summer up.
  9. Time for radiator panel awareness! Apparently not enough people use them.
  10. Sweet, I've been meaning to give this a shot and was waiting for the revamp release. Any satellite network related contract packs that would synergize well with this?
  11. And there are some that never take off, but stare at other stars and planets with various telescopes.
  12. @severedsolo Here are the relevant log entries. Hope it helps. [LOG 18:26:07.694] [ModuleManager] Applying node ContractPacks/CleverSat/Patches/Strategia/@STRATEGY_LEVEL_EXPAND[EngineerFocus] to GPP/GPP_Configs/GPP_Strategia/EngineerFocus [LOG 18:26:07.695] [ModuleManager] Applying node ContractPacks/CleverSat/Patches/Strategia/@STRATEGY_LEVEL_EXPAND[EngineerFocus] to Strategia/Strategies/Operations-2-EngineerFocus/EngineerFocus --- [LOG 18:26:09.144] [ModuleManager] Applying node GPP/Gael/Agencies/Agents/@AGENT[*Society] to ContractPacks/CleverSat/Agent/CleverSatsAgency/Astronomica
  13. I'm running 6.4x myself and it was painful until I installed SMURFF. Have you tried that?
  14. Just a heads up for those staring at 0 missions at fresh career start: CleverSats contract pack seems to be causing it.
  15. It seems that this contract pack does not particularly like Galileo's Planet Pack, eloping with stock exploration (and maybe other) missions every time it loads. Perhaps this has to do with the sun difference?
  16. Mipe

    Vulkan API

    Indeed, this is a big thing. However, since it is freshly implemented, there could still be some issues. I expect Squad will make an experimential Unity 5.6 build and compare performances / check for issues. This update also brings graphical performance improvements, freeing CPU up more for physics. Which means bigger ships/stations in KSP at smoother FPS! Another thing: TextMesh Pro is now free and will soon be integrated into Unity. I can picture someone sighing dejectedly after having gone through significant effort of getting TMP to work properly.
  17. Uh... If you value your eyes, do not go to desert at daytime. I repeat, do not go to the desert at daytime! I imagine polar regions are even worse. Brb, getting eye transplants.
  18. I suddenly became unable to research (research button on the lab screen didn't respond to clicks), so I went to debug and revealed input locks. It listed ResearchBodies_KeyBinder. Upon removing the mod, I could click research buttons. Using a variety of mods, the only one related to research screen is Community Tech Tree. Is this input lock necessary? Edit: It seems I am mistaken; the issue persists. I can research about two times and then it locks up, regardless of ResearchBodies. After leaving the RnD and reentering it, I can research two more times before it locks up a
  19. More like autism. He is just wired differently and very, very excited about KSP.
  20. No atmospheric moon around Kerbin? No problem. Just launch your plane into orbit, heck, around Mun or Minmus if you want, then pretend Kerbin is some other exotic planet with atmosphere and have at it. It's plenty good. If that doesn't satisfy you, there are quite a few planet mods floating around thanks to Kopernicus. I think there was a single planet mod with orbit between Kerbin and Duna that has atmosphere in wide, long canyons. The name eludes me. EDIT: Gotcha - it is Asclepius : Have at it!
  21. Don't be like this guy: Do something productive with your time. Like, give Gilly a hip bump or something. Let yourselves be pleasantly surprised when devnotes await you at a later time.
  22. But I was told politics weren't allowed...
  23. The rest of the world is 64-bit already. Time for KSP to catch up.
  24. Ah, so it has come to that. I had voiced concern about redistribution of archived mods on #ckan, however I was assurred all licences allowed it. Hindsight, hey? Not that it matters. As long as the archive is there, mod authors can retrieve their prrrrrrecious works.
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