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  1. Nothing to contribute here but you guys are the coolest nerds ever and you're making it so hard to wait for RO et al to stabilize for 1.2
  2. Since lots of people are here, all you steam people should 100% wait for update to finish downloading, right click on the game, go to properties->local files, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Cache...." Lots of weird update bugs happen due to weird steam issues.
  3. 100% this is just PC. The next console patch is not going to be 1.2 either since the consoles have huge approval processes and the development work has to go through a third party developer.
  4. It makes sense, the game has been released for a while now. Maintaining a piece of software isn't nearly as exciting as creating a new one. That having been said, lots of folks love coming in and perfecting things (Nathan et al), or creating amazing new things to throw on top of a functional framework (think modders, or all the modders who are now working for Squad). Not surprised in the least over here.
  5. Oh man, this made me want to capture an asteroid so bad... I'd love a 4 million ton asteroid in orbit. Apparently a 100m radius object made out of iron would weigh about 3.3 million tons, so they're not crazy off in weight at least, and that's assuming there's nothing heavier than iron in that rock (though it's also assuming there's nothing lighter).
  6. Ah ok, I'll submit those on a case-by-case basis. The issue I was having with a couple scripts before I ripped out half my hair was a null result, but "has:node" etc. might resolve those. Hopefully those are new and I didn't just fail at going through the documentation :/
  7. I'd love some way to prevent errors where I know they might crop up outside of my control, isNull or isValid etc. style checks would be a godsend. It just bothers me on a spiritual level to see a script crash due to something I could easily write a check for, but can't, and no way to refactor (alternately, "why do I have to refactor? This is inherent in every programming language..."). Then you just run the script again and hope that one possible issue doesn't occur and crash the script, or give up entirely on solving the problem.
  8. If you're on windows (not sure how it works on other platforms): Create a shortcut Right click -> properties In the Shortcut tab in the Target box, make sure the path is wrapped in quotations and add -popupwindow afterwards. Should look like this. Hit apply and launch using the shortcut. Actually I think Steam lets you add launch flags too.
  9. Have you tried setting the -popupwindow flag? That works flawlessly for me
  10. Probably should be a sticky, but LOTS of people have a couple of problems that are easily resolved and have nothing to do with existing bugs in the game. If you have issues and are a steam user, check at least these two things: Are you still opted into betas? Steam -> Library -> KSP -> Properties -> Betas. Opt out (None). If your client starts a download, bingo, you're golden. Subtly broken install? Steam -> Library -> KSP -> Properties -> Local Files -> Verify Integrity of Game Cache. Completely fixed my crashes. My 2 cents.
  11. Not sure if this is working as expected, but if you recover a simulated craft (why? I don't know, reflex I guess), the simulation doesn't end...
  12. You may have some luck with this guy: http://www.articleformatter.com/ Strips out special characters without having to rewrite. Might help?
  13. Re: Crashing bugs, this was the culprit for me: http://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/8241 I'm not sure if 1.1.1 fixed it, but it's at least a lot less noticeable for me.
  14. @Camacha AFAIK nothing major has changed around reference frames. You can check what's upcoming here and in the issues tab: https://github.com/KSP-KOS/KOS/milestones If you've wrapped your head around it and have a good idea on how to implement it, I bet the devs would love to hear from you I personally hate the reference frame system too but I kind of just... gave up on it
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