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  1. Gave it a shot but no luck. Crashing isn't an issue at the moment, the game will stay stuck on the loading screen for an hour (or more, haven't got it to sucessfully load at all yet) but not actually crash or give any kind of 'not responding' warning from windows
  2. Hi guys, Im trying to get realism overhaul to work but not having much luck. I'm on a windows 10 64 bit PC and running the 64 bit KSP. I've got around 40 mods (all the RO essentials and recommendeds). The game freezes upon trying to load random parts on startup. If I delete the offending part it simply freezes on a different one. Even after deleting every non-stock part from mods, the game froze when loading squad parts. The loading bar on the bottom of the screen always jumps to full as this happens. Vanilla KSP from a different install directory works just fine. The modded install
  3. I've got three careers going. I love the early stages, getting milestones above Kerbin and getting to the Mun for the first time. Then it starts giving me missions outside Kerbin and I realise its just the same missions all over again except now they take longer as you have to travel interplanetary. By that time I'm bored with the grind and want to go back to the crazy .... I do in sandbox. It's a fantastic idea but in dire need of something to spice up the mid-late game.
  4. Yes! I've only installed RO mods for the first time this weekend and have been having this issue, I assumed it was something I'm doing wrong, glad to know someone more experienced has the same issue!
  5. Hi guys, first of all sorry if I'm being daft, I've just installed the realism overhall mods this weekend and have been playing around with them. I've figured out that I need to add fuels to fuel tanks to get them to work and have had several sucessful flights with liquid fuel rockets. However, whenever I try to use any kind of solid booster (whether the procedural one or any of those included in part packs), I can't figure out how to add fuel to them. This is what I see when I have the boosters in the VAB: I can't see any way of adding the fuel. If I select 'Show tank GUI' it simply states t
  6. Slurm would be my best guess
  7. Minimalist but good-looking, I'll generally only go for what's needed to achieve a specific goal as quickly as possible but... if it looks better with nose cones or I can get a cool shot of it with extra gizmos... you best beleive I'll add unnecessary stuff for the sake of appearance!
  8. David50517.... please tell me those things fly!???
  9. Hi guys, just managed to get an Eve lander into orbit that only uses tiny parts! It was a bit of a mission but hope you all enjoy! What's everyone elses favourite/proudest Eve landers?
  10. Most posts here seem to be about spaceplanes which makes sense! But here's my SSTO rocket! It can manage a 100km orbit but don't expect it to carry much in the way of cargo! I mainly use it for crew transfers, pickups etc
  11. Even better than I'd hoped! I especially love the accent
  12. Made a tiny-sized Minmus lander. It worked and got to Minmus! A parachute would have added too much weight however so I wanted to do a powered landing back on Kerbin. Unfortunately, Jeb was the heaviest part of the remaining ship so this happened on re-entry...
  13. My record is 9 billion km, it wasn't difficult but frankly it was a bit boring, a slingshot from Jool and then timewarp.... So whats the furthest anyone's ever got? (excluding glitches of course )
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