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  1. Whenever I launch a plane from the runway, the camera's default position is off to the side. I always have to move it to pointing behind my plane. Is there any way to change so the default position of the camera so it is behind the plane?
  2. I have an issue when trying to take a surface sample. It either stops at 54 seconds or shows "Issue". This happened on Minmus as well as on Kerbin. In KSP.log I'm seeing a lot of these messages: [EXC 09:43:24.573] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object KERBALISM.ExperimentRequirements.GetFacilityLevel (SpaceCenterFacility facility) (at <8a4e42ca56234bf4a928e828c42914e6>:0) KERBALISM.ExperimentRequirements.TestRequirements (Vessel v, KERBALISM.ExperimentRequirements+RequireResult[]& results, System.Boolean testAll) (at <
  3. Hi FreeThinker. Did the latest update fix the beamed power relay issue?
  4. Hi FreeThinker. I still can't get it to work. Here's the relay sitting above the generator on the ground. It gets power as it has direct line-of-sight to the transmitter: The relay at 120 degrees West looks like this: Then I have a ship with a Thermal receiver a few degrees further away but it doesn't get any power: This is on a clean install with only Interstellar and its dependencies and recommended mods. What am I doing wrong? I really appreciate the mod and the help you're giving!
  5. Thanks FreeThinker. So assuming no internal power on the relays, I could get a full coverage relay network with this setup:
  6. I'm having real troubles setting up Beamed Power relays. I thought they might be like communication relays - add a part to a ship and set it to relay mode using the same wavelength as the transmitter. However, this doesn't seem to work. Here's what I have. On the surface I have a deployable phased array transciever set to Long Infrared. It's producing about 6GW. I send a satellite into orbit at KSO above this with two Phased Array Transciever - the spherical ones. Spot size is under a metre so it should capture all of the beamed power. However, I set one to relay and the other to tr
  7. This is awesome @Enceos! Was this based on my suggestion way back in 2015?
  8. Thanks for the update. The AFBW mod seems to be a good solution in the meantime. Looking forward to 1.1!
  9. Hi. It does still say "Not found" when I start with both controllers attached. It doesn't seem to recognize the steamcontroller axes in the settings screen either - although they work in game.
  10. Hi, I'm the lucky owner of a steam controller. However, I also have a good old Saitek AV8R joystick too which I prefer for flying planes in KSP. However, if the steam controller is detected by KSP, it seems to override any joystick settings in the game and only allow me to use the controller. In the settings menu it shows as "not found" for axes I've set on my Saitek. Ideally I'd like to swap between the two but really I should just be able to use the Saitek without unplugging the Steam controller. Any ideas how I'd achieve this? Thanks.
  11. Yep, you can map it how you want and Squad have done a default mapping - but there's nothing documenting it that I can find. They've also added a plugin to KSP to make it context aware - ie controlls are different depending on whether you're in the VAB or piloting a craft: http://steamcommunity.com/games/220200/announcements/detail/773852513982742412
  12. I was lucky enough to get my Steam Controller and Steam Link a couple of days ago - just as Squad announced support in KSP for it . Has anyone seen anything that documents the bindings in the various modes that the controller uses? For instance, I can't find a binding for timewarp controls. Also, it would be awesome if there was a mod that could show controls in the KSP interface - so instead of it saying " to board" it would show a picture of the appropriate button on the controller that performs that action.
  13. This looks just like I imagined it! I think a shorter version would be good - I think it's of most use in landers where tall tanks cause things to get a little unstable. I've since found this mod that does something similar: Dr Jet's Chop Shop. It has two parts (LTS and LTS2) that have a kind of inbuilt asparagus staging. Maybe that could point to how to get the fuel crossfeed built in? Thanks for doing this. Do you think you might put it up as a mod in the released thread and integrate with CKAN?
  14. I'm currently running a career mode with Engineering Tech Tree. It doesn't require any mods but does support many. I've done a run through with Better Than Starting Manned the past and I notice that a new version has just been released. This actually recommends that no other part mods are used. I like the progression it offers - more focused on unmanned exploration first with manned missions being more challenging later. This will be the basis for my next play though. There's also Open Tree as an option too. I haven't tried that one. From your requirements BTSM might be the best place to start
  15. Is there a mod to allow for fuel tanks that wrap around other fuel tanks to allow for nice, aerodynamic asparagus or onion staging? A picture might explain it better: This is a view of a horizontal slice through the rocket. The Orange tanks feed into the blue tank in the middle and are ejected when empty. The black parts are decouplers. I can see this as particularly useful for manned landers to increase delta V.
  16. Not working in CKAN 1.8.1. I can see something that says "Installed mods that contain parts" but I can't click on it: Also it shows the plugin as dormant. Clicking activate doesn't seem to do anything.
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