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  1. Thanks for your hard work @Proot! I gave the prerelease a try. Most of the stuff looks great! The parts, the planets, etc. The problem seems to be the clouds. Kerbin's cloud layers seem to behave oddly. When viewed from orbit there's a cloud layer that's dark and shadowed even on the day side and even with no other cloud layer present above/under it. The volumetric clouds seemed completely broken for me. They looked like huge squares which cast a wavy glimmering shadow on the terrain on the day side, turned everything black and murky on the night side and gave a huge performance hit. In short - There's something wrong with them which causes them to look odd and cause scatterer to cast bad shadows, which I suspect is a cause for the performance hit.
  2. I managed to fix this issue. I changed the ATM config file to "Scale = 1", so it simply compresses the textures instead of also scaling them. Looks much better now and the memory impact was surprisingly low.
  3. I'm having a problem with the textures when using this pack, and I suspect it's caused by ActiveTextureManagement, as visible in the following screenshot: Any new textures in the game look great and sharp but stock textures like the NASA parts in the shot, as well as radial decouplers and most fuel tanks look really blurry. Is there any way to fix that? Trying to go without ATM apparently makes the game run out of memory.