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  1. I was bored by the usual capsule , so after a Scott Manley video, I built this.. the best part its that is very easy to fly , i can land it on the runway every time...
  2. Great mod. Would be possible upgrade the parachute to remove the 15g deploy? Thank you.
  3. With the last version dock to a space station is a nightmare, The orange and purple flags blinks around , disappears, do not change when you change your orbit. Why a basic function like this one it's so messed up?
  4. The use of personal insults will not change the state of your add-on, it just paints you as a jerk.
  5. Hard to set up , a lot of obscure functions , it keeps using all the ship engines even when set on manual. I tried it on a spaceplane with vertical landing engines the mod drives it as a rocket stalling it every time. The old simple version was far more user friendly.
  6. Maybe there is a problem with the amount of oxidizer inside the cryo tanks. This is a test on a LR cryo probe.
  7. Hello. I have a request. Would be possible add to the mk3 expansion a version of the Coxswain OSM without the rcs? ( for buran like craft and small orbiters that needs only 1 osm engine) Thank you for your time.
  8. Hello your tanks and rcs are very interesting. Suggestion, if you will add engines and pods start with 1,875 ones. Tanks would look better with domes, like the ones from Color Coded Canisters (by NecroBones).
  9. I have the same problem installing Nertea's Cryogenic Engines that uses Interstellar Fuel Switch to handle the LH2 without adding new tanks.
  10. Thank you for your work. Here some picture of my new shuttle (1.0.2 with nuFAR)
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