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  1. Depends on what quality and content the coming DLCs contain - I don't like that events and all. Make a safe backup of your setups and keep your favorite mods achived, can be gone tomorrow.
  2. Hmm I see engineering here at work. My guess is that after the burn is completed the main chutes open and flip the craft around so it can put that kerbal containing container on the now top and then on the bottom directly onto the ground.
  3. Gahh! Want! Have! Love the design. Small RCS in every direction would be nice to include *hint*
  4. Maybe the survey scanner should not be the fist part of the vessel? Start with another part and attach it then to the root or another connected part.
  5. Your joint deformation post led to an unfortunate experiment on my part....


  6. Two short questions: CTRL + R + S will open the RoverScience menu. That combination does nothing on my setup (Windows) The science loss penalty is permanent or is there a "decay" back to zero over time?
  7. I'm not sure at the moment but there is still that "feature", even in 1.2, included that nullifies any thrust coming from a jet engine if a control surface is anywhere directly behind it. Not sure where the problematic range ends but it's quite far. Is there any way to solve that with a mod or do we have to live with it / report it as bug just often enough? Or is there somewhere a answer that it is a feature that works as intended?
  8. Before fiddling around with it: Guess it's not triggered by the explosion of a dropped fuel tank or other part that is not connected to the vessel anymore? Because KSP gives me warnings about broken stuff (Solar panels, Antenna) that are not connected anymore sometimes.
  9. Why have I never saw that mod before. Nice work - will definitely test it in 1.2!
  10. Yes sure: OS:Win 10 Pro 64bit Game:Steam Version & Shop Version RAM:16GB RAM GPU: GTX970M & Intel HD4600 CPU: i7 4810MQ 2,8Ghz Screen 1920x1080 (Sometimes 2x Screen with same resolution, KSP running only on one.) Anything else that can be provided?
  11. Yes, same problem here (as mentioned earlier). Same resolution. KSP64 started with the -popupwindow parameter
  12. OOps! Missed that - too exited Compact to full view and direction of compacting in VAB view has hickupps. It always compacts to the right upper corner but expands from the left upper corner to the right even when set otherwhise. Window can move out of reach quite fast.
  13. Should we report the issues with the recompiled version anywhere to help weed them out or they're all known already?