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  1. Cannon

    Recovering debris

    Thank you, that second mod looks like what I need
  2. I attached 1 mk12-drogue chute and 2 mk2-parachutes on "Kickback" SRB. The parachutes get activated on separation and are set to 'deploy when safe'. If I switch focus on the booster, it lands in one piece, but if I keep focus on the main ship, they're gone (I don't see them on map). Why is this happening and how can I fix it? I can't keep focus on the booster because I need to control the ship to make sure it gets into the orbit.
  3. I want it not to break any mods
  4. Finally, been waiting for something like this for a long time, keep up the good work!
  5. Does anyone have a link for old version, new one is broken for me? EDIT: Nvm, I just installed the 1.5.1 version of scatterer (0.0336) and everything looks fine now
  6. Cannon

    Greenhouse not producing food

    1.7, seems like that's a problem then. Thanks
  7. I have placed RTS-1 on 1 ship and Joint socket on second ship, but when I right click either of them, there is only "aim camera" and "reset camera" options, nothing else. How do I connect them then? Here's the video
  8. I'm using planetary base systems and tac life support. I've placed both K&K algae farm and greenhouse container on my station and I have lots of CO2, water, waste and ore, but it's not producing any food for some reason. What should I do? Thanks in advance!
  9. Cannon

    2.5m eve lander

    Yup, that's what I did
  10. Cannon

    2.5m eve lander

    The pod can usually store enough food for just a few days, definitely wouldn't be enough to get back to kerbin, keeping all the food is a must.
  11. Cannon

    2.5m eve lander

    Fuel tank is almost empty by the time i get into orbit And besides, I still need to dock because all the food and water is on the mothership
  12. Cannon

    2.5m eve lander

    Probe core is there so I can keep SAS on when my pilot leaves the ship, and those things below rcs tank are from tac life support mod, food, water and stuff. Thank you both for answering, I finally managed to get to orbit
  13. So basically I'm trying to land 3 kerbals on eve and get them back, while using tac life support. This is what I came up with at first Obviously it didn't work so I added 2 more side boosters so I had 6 instead of 4 (btw it's asparagus staging). With 6 of them, I could get out of the atmosphere briefly, but not enough fuel was left in the last stage to get into orbit. Then I tried adding 1 small 2.5m fuel tank and poddle as my last stage, after the mainsails have gone, and it performed worse actually, twr was just too bad. I could try doing it with 8 boosters instead of 6 but that would be really heavy to get to eve + kerbals wouldn't have enough space to move around on eva since engines and tanks would be blocking their way on all sides. I only need to get it to orbit with just a bit of fuel left so I can rendezvous with return ship and go home. Does anyone have some advice for this? Thanks in advance! EDIT: I just figured I could leave all the life support stuff in the orbit since kerbals won't spend too much time on surface. Will try it out tomorrow and let you know how it goes.
  14. Does this still work on 1.6? Don't know if I should update
  15. Cannon

    Sliding over docking port

    Thanks everyone for answers. I checked for part clipping, it's not that. I managed to dock it in the end by aligning it so that docking ports are perfectly flat on each other.