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  1. My mods installed are: ModuleManager KAS StageRecovery MechJeb2 ShipManifest KAC After the 1.4.2 update, now my ships' landing gear explodes on touchdown, even with a soft 0.5m/s touchdown on Minmus, or a small craft under parachute on Kerbin grass. I can land on any other kind of part, such as heat shields or engines, but not on the LT-1 or LT-2 legs. (Did not test the micro LT-5)
  2. Completed a Jool mission I spent a few months on. Started in 1.0.4, somehow did not break it with 1.0.5. [imgur]YZsyy[/imgur] Did not plan on a Tylo landing, but was also surprised when simulation of the Lythe ascent ran out of dV, so I "skipped" that.
  3. [quote name='HyperbolicKerbonaut']I've never seen that, that's hilarious! [COLOR="silver"][SIZE=1]- - - Updated - - -[/SIZE][/COLOR] The problem is the OP is using heat shields. How is your craft different from his? From what I can see, yours is more stout and has more airbrakes. Is that accurate, or is something else at play?[/QUOTE] The OP ship is aerodynamicly unstable when flying backwards. It needs more drag at the top, which is backwards from our normal launch aerodynamics. You also need a way to shift that drag to the rear again for your ascent.
  4. Alt-click works better for copying. I had that same bug a few days ago, though I was just undoing a errant click, not trying to copy.
  5. Aziz, add some fins. The aero model changed with 1.0, and at certain speeds the weight distribution and aerodynamics becomes more important. Also make sure you are tilting gradually, staying close to the prograde marker. No more sudden moves to "45 at 10k" like some of us learned in prior versions.
  6. 4- remember to jettison the girder before lifting off from Eve.
  7. Wow. I would not have thought to try backspace in the map screen, since it is "abort" in the staging view. I was always hitting tab a bunch of times, and that didn't even work all the time.
  8. MechJeb has some of the modules enabled by the tech tree, so you have to research more tech to get the advanced planners. But you can use the maneuver planner to do most of what the rendezvous planner does, you just have to pick the maneuvers step by step. (Match planes, transfer, fine tune, match velocity.) The accent and landing modules are also enabled later, so you still have to fly the launch using smart SAS until you can unlock those.
  9. Bob, because he can reload the goo for biome hopping.
  10. Another option: add a probe core and about 200m/s of dv, and you have a booster that can fly home and be recovered. (Note: I have not yet attempted this in the new aero.)
  11. There's a small mod to make the antennas different:
  12. I once took a rescue contract before I had SAS, pilot XP, or maneuver nodes. Tricky, but I got it done. The joystick helps.
  13. Make sure you set your KAC alarm a little before the Soi change. If you change soi while in high time warp, it can really throw off your intercept, because each 'tick' of calculations is bigger, so your first tick in the new soi is very different from where it should have been.
  14. Why are you expecting control surfaces near the CoM to control pitch at all? Being so close, they have no control authority/leverage. If you right-click them in the hanger, you can disable the control separately for pitch, roll, and/or yaw, as needed. In "real" planes, the control surfaces on the main wing (i.e. near the CoM) only control roll. (Fighter jets that have delta wings are far enough back to also be used for pitch.) The reason for the reversing "feature" is so you can build a canard plane with control surfaces in the front.
  15. Drawing equally would break asparagus boosters. The tree is also important for only drawing from the current stage.