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  1. So with the advent of the updated versions of realism overhaul and most of its dependancies, I started playing a career (RP-0) of realism overhaul (I do realize that playing with mods so early after release might have issues). I really like it and I have high fps when I turn down the render quality, but I keep the texture quality at medium, because having all low graphics settings is just unenjoyable, but thats besides the matter. The game repeatedly crashes; it crashes during flight or in the sph+vab. I have no experience with this sort of stuff, but I have the nudge that it is a memory crash
  2. Stock Hovercraft So I've been playing around with wheels because are very different from the previous version of KSP. I found that rotation them in a specific way makes them have higher crash tolerance to an extend and lose all of (if not 99.99% of) the friction of the wheel. And the results seem pretty stable and reliable. It can take quite the jumps, even on the mun. I might consider making different versions (like weaponized, sciencified, cargo-transport, etc.). There are two versions of this little 8 crew craft. One made for Kerbin with jet engines: https://drive.google.com/
  3. Created this little jetpack to get used to 1.1 Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzxHcRlvkLMQS1R3VUhNWTc1d00
  4. And another rotating stock joint thing Its a space station this time. It can rotate to have artifical gravity. If you look closely, the space station is still a little wobbly, so its not perfect.
  5. I managed to make a smaller, and better stock rotating joint wheel car thing. Less than 100 parts and can even turn (but can't go down or up inclines) It also looks a little better
  6. Nothing as impressive as Azimech's piston engine, but I wanted to do something with rotating joints, so I made this terrible 300 part car thing. (of course temperature damage is off)
  7. I made fighter jet-esc looking SSTO. The nose cone can be decoupled and then you can dock with a space station to refuel. I also have two small vtol engines so that we can land horizontally on minimus and sort of vertical on Minimus.
  8. My version has vtol. It doesn't have a cargo bay, for weapons nor the front vtol engine. But it does have too many engines (3 back and 3 vtol, idk but it made sense when I was building, plus it doesn't look too bad so...) This is of course with kerbpaint, but you can download a non-kerbpaint version. This is stock btw. (there are parts in this video where the f-35 is seen in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SQuEiy4i3I) Download (there is a kerbpaint version and a non-kerbpaint version. Download the one according to if your using kerbpaint or not) https://drive.goog
  9. Ok fully fueled, its rapier dV (the dV it has if it is in rocket mode and only uses the liquid fuel + oxygen combo) is 1,300 m/s. Its twr fully fueled, with all engines active is .97 (and the rapiers in rocket mode). Its dV with using all rapier fuel and then all nuclear fuel is 3,500 m/s (I think). I'm not sure if these are very right or not, but thats what kerbal engineer is telling me if I mess around thrust limiter=0. Yes, I think at least. If that doesn't work out, try flying to minimus, refueling and then flying to the mun. That should work.
  10. So this is my new and fancy 20t Duna Cargo SSTO It can bring 20 tons of payload to the surface of Duna and then fly back, of course after refueling. Here's my mission video. It should go over all my maneuvers. See my Spacecraft Exchange post for more info:
  11. LC Cruiser IV Ok so it has been a while since my last cargo SSTO, but that has changed. This craft is very capable of bringing a 20 ton payload to the surface of duna and then fly back. Since it uses the same principle of most SSTA's it can also SSTA after the cargo is delivered. It weighs about 230 tons with full cargo (thats about double what my old ones weighed). It has parachutes to make landing on duna or anywhere with atmosphere easier. It has landing gear on its wingtips so that when the plane tilts to the side, it doesn't break the wings and it only bounces back the other way
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