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  1. Now StageRecovery seems to work, I have not yet performed extensive tests, but I noticed that during the creation of a new game, if you enter the settings, a lot of error messages are generated in the KSP.log file.
  2. I confirm the things written by 4x4cheesecake. "I was able to switch the owner very much between 'FMRS', 'none' and 'auto' but the stage was still missing. Happend in the editor and in flight." These are my logs with Thanks.
  3. I am in the editor, right click on decoupler and try to change RecoveryOwner. But nothing happens, FMRS remains selected.
  4. Hi. I tried the new version ( but I did not see any changes when I click FMRS, same behavior as the previous version reported by Critter79606 There are two lines of the log file that are suspicious: [ERR 21:34:28.345] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: StageRecovery_NS, Stage Recovery, button may not be registered properly [ERR 21:34:28.354] ToolbarControl: WARNING: RegisterMod, LoadedScene: MAINMENU, called too late for: FMRS_NS, Flight Manager for Reusable Stages, button may not be registered properly Here the entire log: Thanks.
  5. Hi. After the upgrade to version I noticed something strange. During the creation of a new game, tens of thousands of error messages are generated in the log. This is the log: Thanks.
  6. I updated KK and KerbinSide and I noticed a very high number of errors in the KSP.log. After some tests I think I understand that the problem is LackMisc.
  7. Hi. Is StageRecovery still compatible with KK?
  8. vagabond77

    [1.6.x+] Contract Configurator [v1.27.1] [2018-12-28]

    If it does not involve an excessive waste of time and you could recompile it would be greatly appreciated. Maybe some problems will be solved waiting for an official version. Thanks.
  9. In the path ... \ GameData \ SquadExpansion \ MakingHistory you have to delete everything except the folders: Localization Parts Spaces I understand that the change is really cheap but currently I have installed more than 100 mods and I have been running a career for about 3 months without problems. In any case, if you have other mods besides GPP I suggest you add them gradually to identify any problems. FLY SAFE.
  10. I had the same problem and I found a way to make everything work by eliminating some folders of Making History. After, of course, missions can no longer be created and new launch points are eliminated, but GPP and Kerbal-konstructs work and new parts of the expansion can be used. Now I'm not in front of the PC, in the day I should be able to show you which folders I deleted so you can do a test.
  11. Hi. I think I found the cause of the issue. If I delete the directory ... \ GameData \ SquadExpansion I have no problems. When you tried to reproduce the issue SquadExpansion was installed?
  12. I have try also in orbit with the same result (in another save). After I try to reinstall the game, if you don't have the issue is probably my fault. Thanks.
  13. I found a bug, I think. When my ship has left the lauchpad, if I try to quick-save the game freeze.
  14. Hi, Me too. Seems to be a problem with kerbal-konstructs. If you delete kk from GameData bads logs disappear.
  15. Yes, it's true. You are right. The only way to change base is KSCSwitcher but unfortunately it loads one at a time. Anyway, this mod is wonderful!