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  1. It's an issue that appeared at an update that dropped DDS3 texture support (or something like that). This link goes to a patch that solves most of the texture-related issues. You can see the page or two behind that post to figure out why the mod is broken as of now.
  2. Just finished this one. It's a rather tame looking craft compared to what the others have posted here, but it makes up by performing very well. My KH-2/C superheavy lifter, the Momentum. 100 ton to Kerbin synchronous orbit, 12m cargo bay, SSTO.
  3. Hi, is it possible to update the .craft file of a posted craft? Thanks!
  4. *Feature Request* I'm having a heartbreak. My all-time favorite fuselage is the first iteration of the K serie. So the fact that it is available in the legacy pack really makes me happy. The problem is : the new K fuselage is not backwards compatible! Screens showing the mismatch <---
  5. Another possible answer : If your center of lift is too far behind your center of mass, the control surfaces' effectiveness will be greatly reduced, to a point where their input won't be enough to keep the aircraft at the desired attitude (not specific to takeoff). Possible solutions are repositioning the lift surfaces to adjust the CoL's location, increase the control surfaces' deflection angle or size, or addition of canards.
  6. I've encountered this issue a while ago as well. The only difference that I have with OP is that I don't have KSP-AVC and Blizzy's toolbar installed, and I've never installed this mod in my multiple attempts to make Procedural Wings work. I just tried completely re-downloading KSP from Steam, creating a new save, and testing the game a bit. No problems so far. Then I tried to install Procedural Wings. Squad's parts disappear, but NASA Mission parts and PW parts remains. Here is an output.log, as requested : http://pastebin.com/qxhxF930
  7. For B9 airbrakes, they must be balanced in some way. For instance, if you put 1 large airbrake on each wing's top, the nose will tend to point upwards. My science on airbrakes is not perfect at all, but you can try placing evenly, behind the CoM. If an airbrake is applying drag over/under the CoM, the plane will pitch accordingly. And far gives you the possibility of setting control surfaces as spoilers and flaps by right-clicking them in the SPH.