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  1. Sadly, that arrangement is physically impossible in a real solar system. All satellites of satellites are in inherently unstable orbits. You could do it in KSP I imagine but would seriously break the idea of realism. I would honestly love it if the KSC was located on an alien world and Kerbin was a moon somewhere else.
  2. Just want to say, Keep up the good work! As someone who has put a ton of hours into vanilla KSP New horizons is the only thing that makes the game feel fresh. Unfortunately the last version kept having game breaking bugs so eventually I gave up but it was just to wait for the next versions. Playing new horizons is like going back in time to when I first started Kerbal and the excitement of dropping into orbit around a new planet with a mothership and landers, not sure if the landers will work on this world, not sure if the mothership will be able to break orbit...but excited to find out.
  3. I use six of them powered by eight reactors. Gives my 25K delta V and .25 G thrust, which is enough that I can land the mother ship on most moons with the main engines. Granted, If I set down at more than about 1m/s The ship spectacular falls apart and turns into many hydrogen balls rolling down hill. I must say, I really love NFT. Instead of building ships around fuel,you build them around power and heat. The biggest challenge I've had so far is finding places to mount all the radiator fins that I need for that many reactors.
  4. So I've finally decided that I'm burnt out on vanilla KSP and decided that I want to take the next technological step so I've just installed all the Near Future mods. I'm having a blast and just for the heck of it I landed my 25k DV ship on the Mun, which made me realize that its totally possible to make a mega mining ship that can go anywhere in the system. But...one problem...I can't seem to figure out how to mine hydrogen. I thought there would be a way to do it in Karbonite as that seems to be a complementary mod to Near future technologies but it seems there is no way to do this, and at least so far I haven't found the right mod by searching. So friends, whats the answer? What is the right mod for mining hydrogen to fuel up those glorious golden sphere tanks? EDIT: Well, duh. I assumed the stock ISRU wouldn't cut it since there is no stock use of hydrogen, but while attempting to learn how to mod it myself I saw that it does. Okay...enough internet for me, back into my hole.
  5. What we should be angry about is that they never finished it for PC.
  6. Well, now it all makes sense. No wonder 1.0 was so rushed and broken. Sad sad day... And for background, this is someone who hates PC gaming and owns a PS4, literally the only game I have for my computer is KSP, any other game I would rather play on a console...but not kerbal...I feel sick, its like someone just stuck a knife into the quivering half dead body of Jeb.
  7. Just saw the latest movie for the second time today, came home so excited I wanted to go right out to my shop and get to work on my dune buggy but it was dark and cold so instead I stayed inside and built a version of the soon to be icon "war rig" from Fury Road. The hardest part was getting the three sections joined together with claws without the game crashing but I finally did it.
  8. Yep. Its been this way ever since 1.0 Reducing engine gimbal to 30% seem to help. It also helps to only use SAS to hold a heading and not actually use any of the other features like prograde tracking. Just item 10057 that was broken in 1.0.
  9. Probably this. Their QA system for 1.0 seems virtually none existent.
  10. The 1.02 areo is one of the few things I'm actually happy about since 1.0. Rockets have never been this easy to fly before.
  11. Yes. We need to have it every single day until its fixed. Never forget, never surrender.
  12. What are you talking about? in 1.0 re-entry was even easier than in previous versions. Parachutes where indestructible and instantly slowed you from any speed before heating could ever be an issue. I agree that re-entry heating is utterly broken but it wasn't any better in 1.0 either.
  13. Depends on how you do it. I'm fine with it if its just making things fit a little better or connect at angles the came normally wouldn't allow, ie problems that real rockets don't have because parts can be made any shape and they have more than one kind of connector.
  14. I really don't understand the rocket flipping problem. Even my ridiculous monstrosity rockets don't flip. Can you post a pict of what your having trouble with?
  15. Add a probe core to your lifter section and then switch to it after you separate, see what the destruction log tells you after it blows up.
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