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  1. Half an hour to go, assuming no more delays.
  2. Reactordrone

    The Astro-Imaging Thread

    It's been a little cloudy here but I managed a quick look at Jupiter. (composite image to include the moons) ISO 800 1/40s exposure.
  3. Possibly just sensor noise due to the low light level.
  4. Reactordrone

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    But if the pigeon was holding some wheels with its feet.....
  5. Reactordrone

    Why does Voskhod programme was cancelled so soon?

    The Vostok/Voskhod vehicle was also the basis of a family of reconnaissance satellites, Probably the most widely used re-entry vehicles ever flown.
  6. Reactordrone

    How did you choose your profile picture?

    I just used a photo of me.
  7. Reactordrone

    Russian Launch and Mission Thread

    That was great. External camera views were fantastic. Those solar panels deploy quickly.
  8. Reactordrone

    Why are ships rotating? (during warp)

    Without any rotation your ship stays in the same orientation in much the same way as the Earth stays in the same orientation. The axis of rotation always points in the same direction (discounting precession) as the earth goes around the Sun which gives us the seasons.
  9. Reactordrone

    Calculating A Delta V Budget

    You can also just pick a ship in low Kerbin orbit and place manoeuvre nodes to get it to the right orbit (without actually executing any of them) and then just add up the delta-v of the nodes.
  10. Reactordrone

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    That's the point of the thought experiment. Can the belt make the plane stand still despite the plane's propulsion being independent of the belt. A remote controlled car can be held in place because the wheels drive the car and that is being countered by the belt. If the drive is external, say a person standing in front of the conveyor belt pulling the car with a rope, can the belt apply enough force to overcome the force applied by the rope (or the aircraft's engines).
  11. Reactordrone

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    Given that the OP doesn't specify a speed or method of conveyor belt control I'll go with the belt running at about the plane's normal takeoff speed or less and the plane taking off since there is an insignificant increase in drag.
  12. They use an APAS-89 based docking system so they might be able to dock to the shuttle ports.
  13. Reactordrone

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    I assume there's a device on the aircraft to measure the rpm of the wheel. That gives you a velocity for a given wheel diameter and that velocity gets matched by the belt relative to the stationary ground which results in the accelerating belt.
  14. Reactordrone

    upgrading to 1.4.3

    If you update the current folder all of the existing game data should be saved. Alternatively you can begin a new KSP folder and transfer the saves over at your leisure.
  15. Reactordrone

    So, you have a plane on a conveyor belt...

    In that case we can also optimise the aircraft parts to avoid destruction and make them more like frictionless skids.