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  1. Reactordrone's post in Did I use the wrong docking port? was marked as the answer   
    SSVP and APAS are about the same size, roughly 1.2m outer diameter so the 1.25m ports are about right for them.
    CBMs are about 2m outer diameter so they're a bit smaller than a senior port.
  2. Reactordrone's post in Yet another "docking doesn't work" question was marked as the answer   
    Hard to tell from that angle but the docking ports might be on backwards (one or both of them). If you back them off you should be able to see the latching ring slightly protruding on both ports.
  3. Reactordrone's post in Need help to encounter and orbit Duna was marked as the answer   
    For fine control of the manoeuvre nodes try mousing over the handle and slowly using the scroll wheel on the mouse . Once you have an initial encounter click on the target planet and select focus to see where your path is in that sphere of influence. You can then click on the manoeuvre node again to embiggen it and do fine scroll adjustments. Duna's usually not too bad to do from Kerbin orbit but with planets at different  inclinations you  might be better off with a mid course correction.
  4. Reactordrone's post in Monoprop containers still in wrong weight? was marked as the answer   
    Existing craft should have the old values but anything new should have tanks that weigh 0.1t and have 80kg of monoprop.
  5. Reactordrone's post in Console Building Controls was marked as the answer   
    Assuming the pages are laid out in a similar manner to the computer version you'll want to look in the "settings" on the main title page, "Input", move over to the "game" tab, look in "editor" for the scroll page up/scroll page down controls.
  6. Reactordrone's post in Rotational Moment Induced Upon Radial Detachment was marked as the answer   
    I suspect the thrust from the separatrons is hitting the wing and applying a force to them. You should still be able to use separatrons but they'll have to be angled to prevent the exhaust from impinging on the shuttle structure.
  7. Reactordrone's post in Mini ISRU was marked as the answer   
    It does take a long time with the small unit though since you only get a 10% return on the ore input, i.e put in 400kg of ore and get out 40kg of fuel so you need to mine a huge quantity of ore to refuel.
  8. Reactordrone's post in Heat Shielding a Plane was marked as the answer   
    For things with low heat tolerance I'll usually add a stage or drop tanks that give a couple of thousand m/s delta-v and just slow down to 2000-1500m/s before hitting Eve's atmosphere.
  9. Reactordrone's post in Possible to disable diamond icon that hovers over another ship when rendezvousing? was marked as the answer   
    F4 toggles ship labels.
  10. Reactordrone's post in How to rescue a kerbal from a hulk ship with no hatch was marked as the answer   
    All crewed pods should have hatches, even the Mk1 crew compartment has end hatches so you should just be able to hit EVA on the crew portrait, but if that doesn't work for whatever reason you could claw on and do a crew transfer.
  11. Reactordrone's post in Airplane Problem was marked as the answer   
    You'll probably need to add tail planes or canards for pitch control since you have none at the moment. They should also give you roll control but the elevons/ailerons will also work for that.
  12. Reactordrone's post in How To Make Rocket Downloads? ~ Question was marked as the answer   
    The main "ships" folder only contains the stock ships. Any ship you've saved will be in the "ships" folder inside the appropriate "saves" folder. It should then just be a matter of copying the file and uploading it to a hosting site.
  13. Reactordrone's post in RoveMate Navball Orientation (again) was marked as the answer   
    My usual approach is to attach a jnr. docking port to the front end and click control from here on it after landing. No idea whether that will fit within your bay though.
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