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  1. Yes Rss/Ro and dependent mods. Deleted Cmes and everything returned to normal. Could be my installs messin things up. Will keep working at it to find culprit.
  2. Chaka gives me weird things happenings, detached pod from main body of craft and things return to normal. have come to the conclusion it is CMES that's at fault
  3. Unable to to load craft files due to missing parts, which Orion parts are you using?
  4. Great work, love to see this continue, just one thing could you post a video or something on how to assemble the rocket having a little trouble with the upper stages and the fairings
  5. I guess, how do you throttle 1 engine down to let's say 50% and another such as booster down to 93% - - - Updated - - - Ok just updated Ro and now have icon to control engine thrust Thanks
  6. Has anyone been able to get Honeyfox's Etc to work in Rss/Ro in Ksp 1.04. Am able to assign the engine to a group but there is no icon to launch the control function of the different groups
  7. Mechjeb now has a function that allows you control the minimum engine thrust. Has as anyone been to get honeyfox etc to work in rss/ro with 1.04 ?
  8. Sorry about the mistake I did mean to say atlas v manual
  9. i believe the part aj-60a or kwsrbglobeiv is the name used. According to the ula delta manual the thrust is stated at 1688kn and the vac isp is 279. Sorry for my lack of knowledge but where do I find the moduleengineconfig?
  10. I found the part cfg but changing the values have noeffect. The part in question is the solid booster from kW rocketry 075mAerosrb. Change the atmospheric curve values but no effect.
  11. I need to change the isp values for a Solid rocket booster, where do I find these values?