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  1. I'm back! LFO Balancer has been updated for KSP version 1.4.5. See the OP for more details!
  2. After a long hiatus from ksp modding, (I last updated this mod in version 0.25 lol) I'm back! LFO Balancer dumps excess oxidizer out of the tanks when flying on jet engines but keeping enough to burn all your fuel when you switch to rockets, allowing you to have a lower mass while in flight. It works by making sure that there is the correct ratio (11/9) of oxidizer to liquid fuel across the vessel. It respects locked resources and also includes an advanced tweakable to completely exclude a tank from the balancing calculations. Please post any bugs or feature requests on the issue page on github. Download on Github Source TODO: Add a proper icon in the application launcher (right now I'm just using an icon from distant object enhancement as a placeholder)
  3. I'm actually using the method posted by Aerospike in that thread and it's working fine. If I run into issues with this method in some other context I'll definitely give your method a try!
  4. Thank you @sarbian and @Benjamin Kerman for all your help, I managed to get it working using the method in the thread linked!
  5. I'm having trouble loading a png texture into my application launcher button. What I have now is void Start() { Debug.Log("LFO Balancer Initialized"); InitializeButton(); GameEvents.onVesselWasModified.Add(UpdateBalancerList); GameEvents.onVesselChange.Add(UpdateBalancerList); } } and private void InitializeButton() { _button = ApplicationLauncher.Instance.AddModApplication( OnTrue, OnFalse, null, null, null, null, ApplicationLauncher.AppScenes.FLIGHT, GameDatabase.Instance.GetTexture("LFOBalancer/Icons/toolbar_enabled_38", false) // using placeholder texture from DOE ); } but all that shows up in my applauncher button is a white square, which was the same as when I had the texture set to null from before. Is there a better way to load in png files as textures?
  6. blockquote widget The problem is that IJKl is bound to RCS translation, so the l key is already used
  7. Is there any way to convert existing docking ports to the construction kind, or would I need to rebuild my wobbly station with the new ports
  8. I tried to do the same, but then only the toolbar button came up and nothing else. oh well, guess I'll just have to wait for release
  9. In case anyone was working this DOES NOT work in 1.2 prerelease as of the date of this post.
  10. protip: if you are just doing a plane change maneuver, don't bother with maneuver nodes, just wait until you are at the ascending or descending node and burn towards the normal marker on your navball, following it until it is in the position you want. the reason maneuver nodes don't work too well is because it tries to do a plane change maneuver by just pointing in one place, but the most efficient way to change planes is to burn at 90 degrees to your current one.
  11. The community is honestly the best part about Kerbal Space Program. We have something truly special and unheard of in the gaming world. Without people like you, none of this would be possible. Goodbye, KasperVid. You will be sorely missed.
  12. I wish. I used some mods that allowed me to have the back engine swivel down and there is another downwards facing engine behind the cockpit
  13. They always announce when they go into experimentals, which haven't started yet.
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