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  1. WOW really nice^^ The phoenix looks very "sci-fi", i like it! WHat are the darker space below the cockpit? windows, heatshields? and could we have a sneak peek of the inside of that cargo bay?
  2. I have the module in that part, exactly the same, and i did look in the .cfg of the tiny wheel, they have the same module, but in the game i am able to change the scale of the tiny wheel and i am not able to change the scale of the small wheel..... i looked at the .cfg of multiple KF part and i don't understand why the small wheel are the only one to be exclude..... Before i asked for help, i tried to fix this problem myself, i tried to change the tweakscale's module of that part in: "type= free" but it didn't work at all the part is always exclude from tweakscale, even if i delete all the KF part, the small wheel is always excluded.... I will try a completely fresh install, and try with only tweakscale and KF, and i will add one by one each mod i have, that way i could find which one have an MM patches who conflict with that only part... i keep you updated, i can only do that later today Thank you for your time^^
  3. I have the latest version of tweakscale (2.2.1) and i will show you some screen of the Small Wheel context menu's and a panel from an other Kf Wheel on which i can change the scale. It appear that i simply haven't any tweakscale option in the panel for the small wheel. SMALL WHEEL: OTHER KF-WHEEL:
  4. Hello i have a problem i can't use tweakscale with the small wheel, it is the only part on which i can't change the scale. Could you help me?^^
  5. Do we get an updated cargo bay tail as well?^^ it was perfect for my wide buggy
  6. It's really nice, i love these new part... take your time to finish them, i trust you^^
  7. I really like your parts and particularly the J-QS01 cockpit, in my opinion it is your best cockpit to date!^^
  8. WOW! testing it right now Update: I love the M44 nicely done, the SX3 throw me out of kerbin at 35621526512m/s at launch i cannot wait for the SR2! Do you plan to also make the Mako as well?
  9. You know what?..... after i saw that part i was like: "hey it will be nice for some plane" After i put it in my game folder and give it a try on my save, i knew i was wrong..... it wasn't a nice part, it was THE part! The part that was missing in the game, it is the best part i have ever play with! Thank you so much for that Freddyphantom^^
  10. Simply the perfect expansion for mk2! Really good work!^^
  11. I CAN'T WAIT TO DOWNLOAD IT!!!!! when do you plan to release it?^^
  12. Yes no-atmo part would be a nice addition, exactly the same engine but with rocket powa^^
  13. No i checked that before, i was controlling from the ranger and not the docking port
  14. I really like that mini ranger, i think it is better than the ranger, and only in 1 part! well done^^ but i have a weird bug, after i undock my miniranger in space the yaw left, yaw right and the left and right are inversed in the control
  15. Look at the hangar mod, it have a cargo bay part where you can control the angle of the door https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/270/Hangar +Great part, i simply love your design^^
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