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  1. Hi Gotmachine.... I am enjoying your parts pack and mod. I'm using sounding rockets mod currently and noticed that there is a missing part that would be super helpful. A 0.35m mono-propellant tank that is in line would be great. If you update the parts any time could you add one in at the same time on the parts tree as the mini thruster blocks for those more slim rockets? Cheers... Thanks for all your good stuff.
  2. HI... I have been watching and trying Mr Akrons skripts.... Anyways they work fine on stock items and I'm now trying it on Sounding rockets. The first issue is .. Why is the KOS controller module have such a small memory in it? AND Mr Akrons script looks for science modules but doesn't seem to find the Sounding Rocket modules, even though they seem to tick all the boxes for having the right fields... when running his script i get print outs for "searching parts of ship" and then the script gets lost int he process of forming a list with an index and filtering of any ship parts with the field "ModuleScienceExperiment". So the parts have that field populated... I have a sounding rocket with all four payloads (science experiments) on it and a thermometer, the thermometer works in the script but not the SR experiments. Do the SR experiments need to be treated differently or in any special way to work with KOS? Spink Akrons scripts are posted here:
  3. I have been placing an omni directional aerial which is slightly longer than teh truss and hangs below the truss... when landing it seems to either stick in the ground by the aerial or slowly topple.. effectively taking the truss away from any impact. Also... i use mod janitor and it does not recognise the " found at the side of the road" as a company or manufacturer so I cant filter this mod items... any chance this could be improved on the next iteration please?
  4. I can vouch this works. Well at least I have it installed and running so far. Thank the maker as I just can't play KSP without this seemingly fair play mod. I have no idea where you keep that zip file usually but thanks for adding it in post ... I have just up dated from 1.0.5 to 2.2.2 ... and I really needed KCT. it helps my own narrative in the game.
  5. Top job team. Just installed the latest update via CKAN. Which has been the first via that site for a long time. What can I say .. space telescopes... there cool.
  6. Indeed it does work. However in Ckan it will show up as being compatible up to version 1.1.2. So you will need to download it and install it manually. Ckan will then show it as a autodetect installed version in your Ckan list. This means if ther is any consecutive update you will have to update it manually. Which kind of defeats the purpose of Ckan.. but at least it is n your list of mods. Which in my opinion is well worth it.
  7. Would it be possible to have the web page link in CKAN updated to this web page please. I had to navigate through 2 old web page thread thingies to get to this one where the 1.1.3 version is on the OP. Cheers.
  8. Thank you very much. I understand that the work in modding is not just in creation. And some users may feel a bit worthless in that we can't contribute more. But all the same I really am very thankful for your mods and thankfull you can answer my questions. I wil tootle offnow and update and maybe move my slow game to 1.1.3 ... cheers. Stage recovery is not in CKAN. But I will grab it from GITHUB and manually put it into gamedata. Thanks.
  9. Hi Magico13. First a big thanks for your superb programming mods. I use your KCT, SR, Magicore and Field experience mods. I was wondering when Field Experiance and Stage recovery will be updated to be compatible with version 1.1.3? I use CKAN and it still shows them as being incompatible. I am still running my hard career mode game in 1.1.2 and a patiently waiting all the mods to upgrade. I'm wondering if your mods are up to date but perhaps CKAN doesn't recognize it? Basically .. I don't know so am asking.
  10. Hi, Thanks for a great mod. Just to let you know if your using CKAN it will advise to update to 7.4.6 even if your current install is KSP 1.1.2. I got caught out by this with some other mods that updated thier mod for KSP 1.1.3. So you can end up with a mod that doesn't work in 1.1.2. I had this problem with Kerbal Alarm Clock. Now I can't revert back to a 1.1.2 version to use in 1.1.2. I'm kind of waiting for for all my popular mods to update before running the KSP 1.1.3. Yes I have three installs on CKAN. Actually your 1.1.3 version only shows in the KSP 1.1.2 compatiblity list in Ckan not the 1.1.3 list. Is the Meta correct?
  11. Quick question.... Am I going mad or did this brilliant mod originally come with a separate nose section containing RCS thrusters and a built in docking ring? Or am I confusing this with another mod? Also .. why is the base curved if it has no ablator built into it? Most heat shields have a flat fitting base.
  12. Thanks. I'll try that again.. but I'm pretty sure the chutes just do not function at all using the stage command. In fact I'm certain ... but I will try again.
  13. Help with KOS and real chutes please.? I'm sure I'm not the only one having trouble with this, so I'm asking. How in KOS do I stage chutes to open, without using action groups? (playing career mode so no AG's except lights and brakes.. which I use for comms instead) Currently using stage command which decouples stage and fires engine. Anyone in this forum know?
  14. Thanks Suderv21... I'm yet to get back to roverng on the Mun in version 1.4.0.. or whatever we are up to. looking at trying to use KOS soon too so hopefully can make an autonomouse rover. I use the tech mod too so signal delay is an important factor.
  15. Yeah the heatshield caught me by surprise... wow my craft burned out of ablator in ten seconds and blew to smitherines.. I am definatly reinstating an older save file and changing the craft MM code. Thanks. Perhaps you should just remove the HS from the pack. Safer that way.