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  1. I'm a bit confused about what's going on with the mod's assets. Loads of old textures are being provided, and some of the newer ones aren't there. I'm sure a lot of the ones which aren't .dds can be removed - most of them shouldn't be in use any more. All of the IVAs seem to be messed up. The housing ones were all fixed before. And some of the parts, such as the large space dock, aren't there. I'm going to dig up my archives of previous releases and see what might have gone missing. Once I get back into the process of exporting via Unity, I should be able to fix all of those issues, and make some long overdue improvements.
  2. I'm having no luck getting this to work. I'm running the latest version with 32bit KSP 1.2.2 on Linux Mint. The stock game runs fine, except for the odd graphical glitch, and sounds work perfectly. With the mod installed, no music plays. Other sounds still work normally. The mod GUI opens. I can open the Player (which seems to take a while), but it always says 'none'. The button to show the tracks brings up an empty list. I can open the main Playlists window, and see all the playlists. I can add tracks to playlists, but it doesn't save them. I tried editing the playlists text file, but it doesn't load the changes when KSP loads. In the sound preview window, I can play previews of most tracks, but none of my own tracks which I put in the Music folder (which are all .ogg) will play, and some of the others won't. It seems like only the stock tracks can be played. I would have uploaded a log, but there doesn't seem to be a current one. I may be missing something obvious, but I haven't played KSP for 18 months, and have forgotten a lot. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Is anyone else getting a bug with inverted interiors wheen using TweakScale? This is what I got at first: Note that the door should be where Bill's butt is. Switching to internal view gives an extreme close up of Bill's forehead. I re-installed the game, and had no problem. When I installed TweakScale again, I got the same issue.
  4. What are those little shuttles you have there? You might have a point there. If life support is installed, the crew should be consuming the resources anyway, but it might be worth adding in some consumption if life support isn't installed, even if they don't strictly need it to get by. I'm currently reworking some of the buildings and all of the internals to reduce unnecessary RAM/CPU usage - there are some very unwieldy parts! I'm planning to change the positioning of the observation deck and landing pads on the flight school to make more room for landing on there, but I'll have to see if this can be done without messing up craft which are currently using it. I was also thinking of submitting a radially-attached landing pad. So you may get your wish soon enough.
  5. It seems like Green Skull hasn't been active for a long time, but can I suggest flagging his suit texture pack in the OP as adding head textures? The Bob, Bill and Jeb head textures in his packs are excellent quality, but hard to find.
  6. Is anyone still in control of these packs? Is there any chance of releasing a separate Head texture pack? The head textures for Bob, Bill and Jeb (and Prof. Kerbinstein) in the KSP suits pack really are very good.
  7. @Vorg: I had some trouble finding them myself, too. I've had them for a long time. They come from Green Skull Inc, as part of their KSP suits pack, and it looks like there's no real mention of them in the current Texture Replacer thread. I'll make a suggestion to have a separate texture pack for them. Here's a direct link to the KSP pack: http://www./download/dbzqibjh6f0rdwu/KSP-Pack-v0.38.zip
  8. @OakTree42: It would be easy enough to add in a civilian version of the stock crew modules (mk2, 3, etc.), or add the capacity to the existing modules. We could certainly use something for transporting them. For now, here's a config you could use: // Add civilian capacity to crew transport modules @PART[mk2CrewCabin] { RESOURCE { name = CivilianPopulation amount = 0 maxAmount = 4 } } @PART[mk3CrewCabin] { RESOURCE { name = CivilianPopulation amount = 0 maxAmount = 16 } } Here's a sneak peek at the improved IVA for the large house: Still needs some work, due to the way the game displays internal and external parts, so I'll be doing some remodelling work on the house, too. Edit: didn't see the previous 2 posts - guess I should refresh my screen more often. Also, maybe a rocket part (size 2) that had compartments like a Japanese capsule hotel (capuseru hoteru) would be nice for a real economy approach to space transport.
  9. I rather like the idea of this. I'll have a try at modelling some tanks to go on a 1.25m centre, to take it up to a 2.5m diameter. Should be pretty easy to model, but I'm no texture expert.
  10. The aesthetic style of the mod is one of the things that drew me to it. It puts me in mind of 60's sci-fi and cartoons like the Jetsons. While building on the original models, I've really tried not to stray too far from the existing style, as I think it would be a shame to lose it.
  11. Aw shucks, thanks. I got held up a bit with the apartment complex due to IRL party/hangover issues, but almost done. I'll just run an in-game test and then submit it. I didn't have any immediate plans for animations on the medium or large hydroponics. I'll send you the blend files I have for those. When I get round to overhauling the farm, I was planning to add harvesters there, too. I checked out Oaktree42. He seems to do some interesting and entertaining stuff. I didn't find anything with this mod in it though. I'll look again at some other time. That super-massive colony ship looks really interesting. I really like the idea of having one of those colonies built on the inside of a rotating tube. Like this: Alrightman: It would be better to have it displayed in whole kerbals, but I don't think the game engine allows it. I just think of the whole numbers being fully-grown kerbals, and decimals being kerbal children (they must exist, right?).
  12. A quick update on WIP revision of the large apartment complex. Kerbals can now walk around inside the observation deck. It still needs a bit of tweaking, and I'll be adding a bit of new texture to it, but it's mostly done. I also tried to make a small video to show the new animation for the automated crop harvesting on the small hydroponics module, but my computer said 'no'.
  13. I had a lot of trouble, myself, trying to stop a class E asteroid from hitting Kerbin. I even went so far as to build a giant rocket man with two extra-large grabbers: There were two main flaws in my plan. After realising - once I arrived at the asteroid - that AGU's don't work with TweakScale, I had to edit my save file to get them back to normal size. But, once I'd done that, I found that it's very difficult to grab an oddly-shaped object square-on with two grabbers at once, and very difficult to keep aligned to the centre of mass. Back to CivPop, I'm currently trying to get to grips with animations in blender and unity. I've been planning for some time to add automated harvesters to the small hydroponics module. Half the supports around the middle have strip lights (for when you get stuck on the wrong side of the Mun, etc.), and the other half have little robotic units on them. Each unit moves slowly up and down the support, while the arms on each side grab bits of plant as they go. I'm trying to get the two different movements to be separate simple animations which work at the same time, so I don't have to set 100's of keyframes. I should have some progress soon.
  14. Speadge, that station looks great. I do think that a minimum of about 10 would be better for the reproduction. After all, they would probably be a little choosy about who to reproduce with . On the subject of cores for the large trusses, I think it might be best having a separate model for the core, and using the .cfg to add the frame and core into one part. It would save on memory. In other business, here are some pics of a small pod house I've been working on. Still not sure how big it should be, so here it is in two sizes, alongside the current smallest housing unit: Small: Not-so-small: It's a simple design, with the large window on each side doubling as a door, to save space. I wanted it to be less kerbal-dense than the 4-kerbal pod (which only makes sense as a living space if the cryo-sleep beds are in use constanly). I thought the smaller size would be suitable for maybe 3 civilians, or the larger size for 5. I'd appreciate any thoughts about the design, as well as which size would be best.
  15. I've used this mod for quite a while now, and wouldn't be without it. I've found it to be an excellent tool for mod development, due to the ability to easily and instantly get vessels into various situations. Keep up the good work!
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