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  1. Today I experimented with a rover/crane that I am thinking of sending to Duna
  2. I got my transfer stage for my Eeloo mission into orbit today. It will push the lander to Eeloo, and hopefully back. I forgot putting RCS-thrusters on my lander, so I had to try docking when I was in control of the transfer stage. That was needless to say a terrible experience, and after trying and trying to line up the two crafts, I decided to deorbit my lander and launch it back into orbit. This time equipped with RCS.
  3. Sent my Eeloo lander to orbit as part of an upcoming mission to the dwarf planet.
  4. I sent a base with a rover to Laythe in my sandbox save today. Coasting to orbit insertion Second part of the ejection burn
  5. I landed on Moho for the first time. Landing spot. Descending. Landing succesfull! Poor Corsy... it was not enough fuel to get home, I got back into orbit with 600-800 m/s of delta-v left.
  6. I discovered the game for almost exactly one year ago. I watched a semi-popular youtuber play Spore, and one day I found out that he also published lets-plays from a game called "Kerbal Space Program". My first thought before I bothered watching a video of it was that it was a game where you managed and owned a company sending rockets to space, not a simulatur featuring REAL newtonian physics.
  7. I did some contracts, and upgraded my astronaut complex to level 2. My wish was to upgrade the VAB, because making a low-tech craft capable of landing and returning from the Mun with less than 30 parts is a pain. But because the price was way too high, I decided to use it on something else.
  8. I continued my newly started career mode (hard mode, with revert and quickload). I did some contracts, and found at the same time out that everything is harder in 0.90. I did one mission to rescue a guy from orbit, and that was really hard without maneuver nodes and target vectors. Appoaching the rescue craft. Back on Kerbin.
  9. I sent a plane powered by nuclear fission to Laythe. It can carry up to four kerbals.
  10. I have had a total of 23 installs. I have abandoned many of them, I just play on three installs now.
  11. This is great! I can't wait for the "Paradise" update! I'll see if my game can handle it, my crappy graphics card will definately struggle!
  12. Nice! They're meant for that pack by Nertea, right?
  13. I have also noticed this sound sometimes. In an older save, I also heard a random decoupler sound whenever I approached the KSC, or loaded a craft on the launch pad. Another sound bug I have experienced earlier happened when I had executed a burn and then went back the KSC. During the loading time I could clearly hear an engine firing.
  14. I am using Final Frontier, and I previously had this issue too. I don't know what caused it, but it looks like it happened becuase I had placed the "Nereid" folder directly in the main KSP folder, not in GameData. However, the problem stopped when I placed the mod into the GameData folder, so it looked like KSP/GameData/Nereid/FinalFrontier.
  15. That's some nice parts you have there, sir! Great work with the modelling and texturing, I especially like the tank texturing!