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  1. Beautiful parts now i have some problem with your wheels, motor are not operative and also no steering, is this relative to unity 5 bug ?
  2. Oh im glad i came here, i understand now why i have this annoying levitating bug. Not using tweakscale on aero part stop levitating
  3. I confirm i have the same memory problem as people above.
  4. I like these gauge but they are so tiny on my large screen is there a way to resize them ?
  5. My new prototype buggy for scouting
  6. a ULM (don't know the name in english) Made mostly with firespitter and stock part, took me a long time to build this little thing cause i could find any good part for wings and wheels. Edit: After a research on Google, name of this kind of aircraft is called Ultra-Light or LSA (Light Sport Aircraft). ULM in french (Ultra-léger motorisé)