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  1. Jeb: Sure, Bill. This is easy. All we have to do is get that @tseitsei89 to use local logistics to transfer a couple thousand my 15000 supplies to planetary logistics and you will automagically get supplies at your mining base. Bill: Thanks, Jeb! I'll be sure to send back my, um, "mulch" once I have some extra.
  2. Yes, but you would have to have a PL module on that main base, correct? I stay away from large, connected bases, too many Kraken nightmares in the past.
  3. @tseitsei89, You can still do everything you want without any changes to the mod and still use that 2.5m kontainer. But, what you will need to do is have a design that lets you actively push supplies into planetary logistics. What you say is true, it will take a long time to push supplies into PL if you rely on just the passive push. Not sure how your base is designed, but here's a simple base setup that would do what you want with two base structures: 1) one of the planetary logistic modules (Duna Logistics or Tundra Pioneer) with a quartermaster and a small kontainer for supplies (ISM is great for this) 2) an agro-producing module with a large (as large as you want) kontainer attached for holding supplies These structures, of course, need to have power and be 150 m from each other. Now, when you have enough supplies in the agro structure, you simply use local logistics to push the extra supplies into the small container in the logistics structure. These will quickly overflow to planetary logistics which means any remote mining rig will be able to start pulling supplies. If you want to speed up the process of getting supplies into PL, then just drop a ship near the base with supplies and use local logistics to push them into the logistics structure.
  4. Um....expecting a single container of supplies to automatically be available to every Kerbal on a moon is a bit much. Besides, it's easy enough to just push that 3000 into planetary logistics and do exactly that. What I have at my main base is a "resource tower", which is a Duna Logistics Module with one of every 11 ISM setups attached. If I need more supplies in planetary logistics, I land a ship with a couple flat tanks of supplies...use the new local logistics to push those supplies into the tower storage, which replenishes the planetary logistics.
  5. Most of my mining is done with remote miners....Duna Logistics Module with a miner and a quartermaster, an attached Ranger mini-hab unit and an inflatable storage module for pulling supplies (and pushing mulch), plus storage for whatever I'm mining. Just have to make sure you push enough supplies into planetary logistics so the quartermaster has something to pull.
  6. Just start small. And remember that MKS allows for a thriving base without having to have everything connected. Yes, a big, connected base may be pretty (dboi88's base above is a beauty), but can still have a functional base with the parts disconnected but close. My bases are basically split between power, hab, farming, and manufacturing. Oh, and storage/planet logistics warehouse.
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