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  1. I completed a save I started a few months ago with goal of actually completing an interplanetary return for once. I've had the opportunity before, but always became bored with the game before bringing the poor Kerbals home. Here are highlights from 5 missions in that save, including 3 separate return missions:
  2. Hi VASMIR, There are a few things you need to change to comply with the Add-on Posting Rules: Provide source code for any plugin you distribute. You can do that for EVE by linking to its forum thread. Include your license in the download zip. Provide the correct license for each mod you redistribute. Sigma's mods are licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA, not CC-SA. You'll also need to provide credit. I've removed the download link until you have a chance to correct it.
  3. You'll want to use the [/noparse] There's a list of (almost all) the BBCodes here.
  4. Please upload the entire log file to a file hosting site like Dropbox or Google Drive. The Player.log is overwritten everytime you launch KSP, so if you removed the mods, you'll need to reinstall and relaunch KSP before uploading the file. With these mods, it shouldn't matter that you added them midgame so long as you did quit and reload KSP itself.
  5. Just punting this thread over to General Add-on Affairs as Dark Multiplayer is an Add-on.
  6. Not sure what you mean. In stock KSP, you can transfer fuel across any parts, but it will only automatically be drawn across parts with fuelCrossFeed = true. All IR parts have fuelCrossFeed = false either by default or actually specified in the config. The parts themselves just need the main IR update (except for some of the Utility Pack). KSP 1.0 was unusual in that it broke parts mods, but the patches since then haven't. Also, you might check out the list of Other Mods that use Infernal Robotics in the main thread. There's RKE Canadarm with the part your looking for.
  7. Please read the [thread=92229]How to Get Support[/thread] sticky in the Support (modded installs) forum. It will tell you where to find the output log, in addition to some common fixes.
  8. There is Rule 2.4a: That rule existed as Rule 2.4 before RP was banned. Didn't help much.
  9. Moved to The Space Lounge, the place for most topics other than KSP.
  10. As this thread is now for an old version of the mod, it has been closed, but can be reopened by request.
  11. Folks, Even though there hasn't been much official news in the past week, let's keep to the topic of the Rosetta mission. You can subscribe to the thread so you'll see when it's updated.
  12. worir4: Lhathron the Elf, September 21, 2014: "Because your signature."
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