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  1. I've had it happen multiple times on different vessels, although it's a little sporadic; sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't. I've had it as a persistent problem, though, with my Mun station. Every time I dock the final piece, it locks up, and I have to close the game to fix it. Re-opening the game brings me back to the previous save. I'm running 1.4.3. Some of the mods I'm running have some minor compatibility issues, but I've been running the same ones for a while, now, and everything's been fine. I tried to install Kethane a few days ago, but I got an error message that said it wouldn't work, so I removed it pretty quickly; I didn't even get into playing the game, just the menu screen. Nothing else that's jumping out at me. The game's running pretty smooth, otherwise. Thanks for the help! I got the image to work, too!
  2. Hi, everyone, I'm having an issue that just started recently - when I switch vessels in the map view or the 'next vessel button,' or after docking two vessels, sometimes the game will lock and prevent me from doing anything. The game will be running, meaning the vessels will still be moving in their orbits or trajectories at their previous speed, but I can't adjust the throttle, or control the vessel, or even switch back to another vessel or even back to KSC. Anyone have any idea right off what might be causing this? I have quite a few mods running, but I've never seen this before. EDIT: GameData Folder
  3. Hi, I'm having an issue with the SRB plumes and the solid fuel itself: the plumes are always on (so it looks like the engines are always running) and the SRB's never completely run out of solid fuel. It's hard to tell when it's time to separate, and the motors are still running when I do, so it's causing some damage to the orbiter as it speeds away. Any suggestions for a fix?
  4. I tried that, but I think I might be doing something wrong. Do the .cfg files need to be in a folder in the GameData folder? Do they absolutely need to be copied, or can the .cfg files be saved directly to the folder?
  5. I'm having an issue with Heisenberg parts interacting with Tweakscale; the size slider isn't showing up on the airship parts. Do I need a new config patch to make this work?
  6. Good for you. For @RW-1 and myself, it doesn't work.
  7. 90o AoA seems a bit steep, though. I know the space shuttle had a 40o AoA through reentry, which is what I'm aiming for so that I can avoid spinning out of control. Is a higher AoA really better?
  8. I posted this in the mod's forum a month ago, but it looks like that forum might be dead, so I figured I'd ask here, too. I'm using the Canadarm mod, along with KAS/KIS. The Canadarm 'End Effector' part has an integrated magnet, supposedly, but I haven't been able to get it to work. It does, however, have its own dedicated Grapple Port that I can attach to a payload to grab it with the Canadarm. I'm assuming that it works like a tiny docking port, but once I have the Canadarm attached to the payload, I can't get it to let go again. There's no option that comes up to 'Undock Node' or 'Decouple Node' like I get with the stock docking ports. Is this something that I can fix in the .cfg file, or is there something else I can do to troubleshoot the issue?
  9. So, using those landmarks as guidelines, is there a good general rule of thumb as to where to begin a deorbit burn, and where to aim the flight path's intersection with the ground? @invision, does this guide account for lift from spaceplane wings? Are the guidelines pretty much the same?
  10. Splashdowns are easy. Landings are hard. I usually wind up coming in too steep too late, or come in too shallow and go through a long reentry where I don't lose altitude fast enough. Either way, I usually wind up overshooting the runway at KSC and ending up in the drink (or the island runway, if I'm really lucky). Can anyone advise me on the best reentry path for 'aircraft' style shuttles from an orbit of about 100 km to land on the runway at KSC?
  11. How does this system compare to the DangIt! mod?
  12. Has the Buffalo Assembly Port been removed? I'm trying to build a rover on the Mun with the wheel jack, but I can't figure out how to work it.