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  1. Thanks! Unfortunately, RL matters seem to keep me busy more than ever lately, so I have to postpone the release date from my initial plan, again. It will be released, hopefully, sometime before new year.
  2. Hmm... I have playtested it quite a lot of times, and I don't remember that I had found anything glitchy. Could you please elaborate what kind of glitch that could happen? One of the possible glitch that I'm aware of is on a very small radius body, which make the game very laggy if you're on high orbit around it (e.g. rescaled Bop on Alternis Kerbol). It would still happen to Daphy. But, fortunately, Daphy has a very small SOI, due to its proximity with Gas Planet 2. So, you'll get a SOI change first long before you get to the "laggy altitude", and ultimately you won't experience the lag. Cheers!
  3. Sorry for interrupting guys, but does the plugin is already on the add-on releases section, right here? http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/threads/130329 Maybe you should post your questions there instead. (CMIIW, not very familiar with the forum rules/conventions )
  4. Okay, I'm not really sure about your current knowledge on this particular topic. But, based from the mods that you're currently working on (Kopernicus Expansion), I think you already know what coherent noise generators are (Perlin, Simplex, etc). The key to form the detailed terrain is to use the noise output as the height input for the terrain. The noise output must be manipulated first in some way, so it will form the terrain feature that you wanted. Personally, I use LibNoise for Unity for generating and manipulating the terrain. This is also the library that's being used by Squad, and also available in the KSP assembly. (by the way, I wouldn't recommend you to use the library that came from the assembly, because it's very outdated) So, basically, you need to generate and manipulate the noises in order to form the terrain feature, and then you just assign the final noise value to this custom PQS mod (on the "module" member): public class PQSMod_VertexHeightNoiseModule : PQSMod { public ModuleBase module = null; public float deformity = 0; public override void OnSetup() { this.requirements = PQS.ModiferRequirements.MeshCustomNormals; } public override double GetVertexMaxHeight() { return deformity; } public override double GetVertexMinHeight() { return -deformity; } public override void OnVertexBuildHeight(PQS.VertexBuildData data) { data.vertHeight += deformity * module.GetValue(data.directionFromCenter); } } So yeah... That's it! The basic idea is quite that simple, really. The hardest (and the most time-consuming) part is determining the manipulation of the noises, so it will turn into a convincing terrain feature. Because, most of the time, the resulting terrain wouldn't look... right. Let's see... Daphy is the tiniest of all the moons, with radius of only 3 km! It's so tiny that you can easily spot a kerbal from orbit. Potatus itself is much larger, which has dimension around 197x197x164 km. I hope that answers your question.
  5. Not now, sorry. As I said in the OP, I still need to improve some things. Besides, the entire code is a terrible mess currently, so I have yet to clean things up. By the way, just curious, what do you want to know about the plugin? Maybe I could just explain how things work for the time being.
  6. There are no overhangs, people. It's just a very steep terrain. I don't think it's possible without a major change to the PQS/terrain system itself. Thanks! I think giving a honor to NovaSilisko in some way is a good idea, never thought about that before. I still open for more suggestion. You meant the mod name? Maybe. Edit: I'm planning to change the plugin's name into something else. Please check the "Help Wanted" section for more information.
  7. Yes, I'm writing some custom PQS mods in order to form the terrain. It's like writing your own VertexPlanet mod (a PQSMod that's being used exclusively on Minmus), for each of the planet. It's possible, but you will need some programming capabilities, so you can implement your own PQSMods. (Btw, you meant "other planet packs" right?)
  8. Build. Explore. Wonder. Kerbal Dreams Description Kerbal Dreams adds some stockalike analogues of the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, etc). It serves as a continuation of stock planets, based on plan by a former KSP developer, NovaSilisko. These are some features of the plugin, but not limited to: Terrain detail level that you may never think possible in KSP. The plugin tries to push the limit of the game terrain system capabilities, to the point that it even surpasses detail level of stock planets. (unfortunately, terrain generation process becomes more computationally expensive as well) Following a strict, stockalike convention, so that the new bodies are almost indistinguishable from stock planets on every aspects. (except for the terrain, of course ) Screenshots Open the album, and let me show you around.
  9. Wow. I can't believe this. Many thanks! They are stockalike and really well-made. I think I have no choice but to include them to the main download. For now, I'll post the link in the OP, as an "officially unofficial" update.
  10. Gosh, I almost didn't see this thread. Nice job Borisbee! After all this time, the Krag's classic is still one of my personal favorite, so thanks for remaking it to Kopernicus. Guess I will do a little bit of nostalgia flight.
  11. Thanks buddy! Yeah, sorry, other projects and real life matters are kept me busy for a while now. I'll work on another update in the future, but still not sure when.
  12. I just replied your message; sorry for the long delay. Yeah, I have to agree too, adding support to PlanetShine would be great. Maybe I'll make the config sometime later, but of course, feel free to beat me to it.
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