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  1. I don't recall doing something special. Fresh installation of KSP, install Kopernicus (latest version from CKAN), install SigmaDimensions (latest release from github), install this rescale pack. Just simple drag&drop into GameData, no .cfg tweaking. Didn't test on 1.9 though, but worked on 1.8.1.
  2. @AlphaKerman Yeah, that new 1.8 terrain render is very cool. Maybe not "Star Citizen" cool but waaaay better then what we had before. BTW, people do ridiculous things with terrain scatter nowadays, I've tried "Beyond Home" planet pack recently and they even have landable floating islands on Jool there!
  3. From your conversation, I have a feeling that someone is mistaking tiny 200KiB plugin (B9PartSwitch) with huge parts pack (B9 Aerospace)
  4. For now I have settled on JNSQ (though it seems to have issue like that too). But on your screenshot Duna is veeeeery blurry, there is practically no terrain. In KSP 1.8 it should look like this even without mods:
  5. Oops, apparently I shoud've read Kerbalism wiki "mod support" page. Thanks for the info! Shame to loose that bit of mod complexity though, but, on the other hand, at least it works and has all that pgen/radiation/ISRU background processing mechanics working. Gonna roleplay a bit and stick some radiators anyway
  6. Greetings, I'm playing with reactors and all that electric engines and can't find anything related to heating. Is reactor core heat is still a thing? I can't find any GUI or at least internal heat info in context menu, here is the screenshot (enabled KSP heat debug just in case):
  7. One can also use alternative image viewer like nomacs instead of crappy Win10 image viewer.
  8. Well, it works with Galileo88's Rescale! 6.4x, though I only tested simple orbit insertion from Rhodes. I wonder how long it will take to make visit to Laythe in old Kerbol system... Principia for some reason don't draw flight plan THAT long
  9. Wow, I just discovered this mind blowing planet pack (now it will be hard to choose between JNSQ and Beyond Home, lol) and started to wonder if it will work with Principia... and @MorePortal just did this 30 mins ago! Gotta try it with 3.7x rescale and Kerbalism.
  10. Yes, cheats/hyper edit/etc seems to affect Kopernicus. For example, whole planet surface can glitch if you do this. F5-F9 usually fix the issue.
  11. I'd like to give a shout-out to the person who came up with the brilliant idea of adding parts "S-MINI/MED Radial Stack Adapter". I spent probably a few hours yesterday trying to somehow attach jet engine radially to my VTOL craft. I couldn't find a single radial engine mount with attachment nodes on both sides so ended up with cubic strut clipping abomination. Now I accidentally stumbled upon this invention of humanity: Thank you.
  12. I'd do the following steps: Backup the whole KSP directory. Make a list of all mods you are using (it seems you are installing them by hand, but if not, CKAN has ability to export modlist/modpack). Install fresh clean KSP 1.8.1. Using CKAN, install Kopernicus, check if it works (it certainly should). Start adding mods from the list through CKAN, check if it works after every few mods, especially ones that are not declared to be compatible with KSP 1.8.1 (however I have a few of them, works fine). Better install your preferred planet pack first (JNSQ has 1.8.1 comp
  13. Wait, 1.9 is out? I have reinstalled game like a few days ago and steam installed 1.8.1... (can't check if there are additional options in steam right now). And not a single mod in CKAN with 1.9 compatibility.
  14. Hey, can I ask you (and/or other Kopernicus devs) a question, if you have time for that? I'm a bit curious about technical difficulties that lead to all that 10's of pages of "1.8 release when?!!!" here What were that "too hard" parts in 1.8.1-1 release? I write some C# almost everyday but haven't tried KSP modding (hopefully just yet), so it would be interesting for me to hear what were the major setbacks. Some problems with adapting to 1.8 changes like new terrain shaders? Or hacks that made Kopernicus work in 1.7 broken in 1.8? BTW, Kopernicus repo is probably the first time I've
  15. I personally haven't been around all that drama and decided to try KSP after very long break just in time for Kopernicus update. But as far as I understand, there was a long going emotional discussion here. AFAIK the problem is that Thomas P. and Sigma88 are the only people who know and understand Kopernicus codebase and worked on that update. And Thomas expressed somewhere in this thread that he lost his interest in all this and continues to maintain only because a lot of people depend on this mod. And it seems that despite all that, there weren't anyone else who wanted this update so de
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