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  1. The problems noted in the past couple posts are because there were a few 0 cost nodes, and none of the nodes were set to "hide if empty". Should be fixed now.
  2. Nothing pretty to look at yet, but here's a new thread discussing our plans for the mod: NEW THREAD
  3. This mod will add radiation effects to the game and give you a new aspect to consider when planning your missions. This mod is going to be a two-person project. The other developer may post on this thread as the user “Doctor Manhattanâ€Â, so that’s who I’m referring to when I say “weâ€Â. You’re probably curious about what we have planned for this mod, so here’s a wall of text: Radiation Sources: Cosmic radiation: Background radiation with roughly uniform intensity throughout the solar system. Cosmic radiation comes from every direction, b
  4. Yep! We're still working on it and making progress with the code. There's been a lot of discussion and some changes in our goals for the mod since we adopted it. I think we have a direction we're happy with for now, so I guess we better get that new thread started.
  5. Just updated the download to a bit of a half-baked update. Not all mods were fixed, but it should be in a better state than the previous version.
  6. Little bit of an update. I have actually been working quite a bit on this for the past month, but indirectly. I've been developing an in game tree editor. It is not in a releasable state, but it is now functional enough for my purposes. All the tree editors have died, and this should make it much easier for me to release updates once school starts back up. On another note, I'm looking for anyone who may want to help sort mod parts and add to the supported mod list. I particularly would like help with large part packs that I am unfamiliar with such as FASA, NovaPunch, Tantares, etc. If anyone i
  7. Our plan is to make it compatible with anything that adds crewed parts.
  8. Sorry for not posting about this sooner. I have adopted the mod and it will be a joint project between me and my roommate. He happens to know a ton about radioactivity since he is studying nuclear engineering. We have been discussing what our plans are for K-radiation, and we will be making a new thread for this soon.
  9. Originally I wasnt sure what good changing the format would be, but that's a really good idea.
  10. Looks great. Only question, how does this aid in creating tech trees? Is it just by supporting a simpler file format?
  11. That works. Now I need to figure out how to fix the arrows. I found out how to manually remove them, but not how to re-generate them. As an alternate solution, I found that after moving a node I could click the "Rebuild Tree" button in the debug menu to fix the lines. It doesn't appear that I can call a function for that button, but I assume it uses the functions SaveTechTree(), WipeTechTree(), and LoadTechTree(). For whatever reason the first two functions work fine for me, but I cannot get it to reload a tree. The arguments for it are RDTechTree.LoadTechTree(string filePath, System.Collecti
  12. Sorry, I don't see how that helps. I'm eventually going to implement dragging the nodes similar to how TreeEdit functioned, so I don't think my solution will involve ModuleManager.
  13. I'm attempting to update the position of RnD nodes (in game). I've been able to call the node position using "RDNode.transform.localPosition". I have tried using "RDNode.transform.localPosition.Set()" to change the position, but nothing seems to happen when that function is called. After I use the function I call the value again and print it to the screen, and it just stays the same. Any ideas how I could force it to update the node position? I know TreeEdit was able to do this (along with dragging the node), and based on the source code for TreeLoader, it was using the same "RDNode.transform.
  14. I haven't found the reason yet. It sometimes shows an error when I'm working on it, but half the time it doesn't. So I'm not sure what it could be. I found the debug data on it once and it looked like KSP was complaining that there were two definitions of the module "TechTree". As long as the tech tree loads, I don't think the error matters. All it may need is a module manager argument before the TechTree module definition in the Mod-Oriented tree .cfg file.
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