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  1. @Rayhkale Thanks for the kind words. @Tonas1997 Yes and no. This is not 'thrust on rails' - this simply increases the speed at which KSP does physics calculations (and can reduce their number also) which has the happy result of allowing faster than real-time thrust. @Alexsys Thanks for your research and sorry I haven't done anything with it. Someday I might come back to this mod / game but as of now I'm just trying to keep its lights on.
  2. I recompiled for 1.12. As for sounds I don't really have time to debug. But if someone wants to look into the code to figure out why sounds are dropped when going to hyperwarp, feel free.
  3. I'm pretty sure I have a setting to disable camera zoom fix.
  4. In the mod settings (part of the game settings area) there is a debug level to reduce messages.
  5. Sorry I don't keep up on KSP updates. I'll take a look when I can.
  6. Released. 1.10.1 compatibility, and new features.
  7. @damerell I replied to your question on Github as well. I am recompiling for 1.10.1 now should have a release shortly.
  8. There are a lot of challenges when messing with how KSP implements local space compared to the fixed Planetarium space and time. I am convinced that even altering Time.timeScale, Time.fixedDeltaTime, Planetarium.fetch.fixedDeltaTime, and Time.MaximumDeltaTime like TimeControl/BTW do causes trouble (to be honest i don't know if BTW changes the planetarium fixedDelta). I see some strange things possibly to the how the internal local physics computations are done in relation to the universe as a whole. I *believe* the universe operates on Planetarium.fetch.fixedDeltaTime, but these internals are not documented so much of what I know are guesses and trial and error. I could be breaking things by changing it - It could be that messing with Planetarium.fetch.fixedDeltaTime is a bad idea, but the challenge then is that long periods of hyper warp could, in theory, end up with planets moving slower or faster relative to your ship than they should. I do know that even when no forces act on a vessel while under a different timescale/fixeddeltatime/maximimumdeltatime, I have seen (small) changes in the semi-major axis of orbits that should not be happening, and do not happen in stock phys-warp. As an aside related to an earlier comment - the TimeControl code is written in a way to decouple the GUI from the main function of the system to support the new non-IMGUI someday. I have not had any time to do work on it. One of the main features I focused on for awhile was full keyboard control to eliminate the need for much GUI at all once you set it up to your liking.
  9. Pre-Release is now available on Github. If y'all like it and don't find any crazy breaking bugs (or I don't hear from anyone in a week) I will make it the next official release. https://github.com/ntwest/TimeControl/releases/tag/2.9.9 This incorporates the request of @AccidentalDisassembly for stockalike Hyper-Warp key binding behavior, as well as @OrchidAlloy for a 'warp to start burn time' feature. I have not yet incorporated similar stockalike warp behavior for slow-motion, but I'm looking into it. The "E" button takes you to the screen where you can edit the Hyper-Warp rates (on left) and physics accuracy (on right). I am not completely happy with this and will probably make a few changes at some point to make it a bit easier to use. I also need to update the readme to explain how these things work.
  10. I am also trying to get this in the next release as well. Hopefully will have a test build tonight.
  11. I am working on coding this now. Hopefully it won't take too long, most of the necessary methods already exist on the hyper warp controller object, it's just a matter of adding the lists and wiring up the UI / key bindings. One thing I will need to do is figure out what if you adjust it to something not in the list - i think i'll have it just move to the next 'closest' one in the direction of your keypress (e.g. if your list is 2, 3, 5, 10, 15, and you manually set it to 6, pressing down will move you to 5, and up to 10)
  12. This is a great idea. I don't want to replace the existing hotkeys, as there is still a bit of oddness with hyperwarp while no forces are on a vessel. I will see about implementing the idea of a > and < for hyper warp that increases/decreases it by a set amount (as well as slow mo). I could also add a secondary command to decrease the physics time scaling to support faster hyper warps (assuming your ship can hold together). Commands would be (assume < / > to be replaced with your keys) "If all warp is turned off, and i press <, set hyper warp to X and turn it on, else If hyperwarp is turned on, and i press >, increase hyper warp by Y". "If hyperwarp is turned on , and i press <, decrease hyper warp by X, down to realtime" "If all warp is turned off, and i press <, set slow motion to X% and turn it on, else If slow motion is turned on, and i press <, decrease slow motion by Y%". "If slow motion is turned on , and i press >, increase slow mo by X%, up to realtime"
  13. I think the cowboy hat completes the picture.
  14. So wait, the Docking with ISS takes hours? Bah! In KSP, my ships make a MechJeb rendezvous at 100m with a quick burn as they fly by the station a hundreds of m/s. Then magical magnets point both docking ports at each other, and we dock in 10-20 seconds or so. Clearly the Astronauts need to play more KSP.
  15. I have 4 windows open on one screen (spacex stream, nasa stream, spacex/musk twitter/ ksp). Other screen i am on conference calls.
  16. Between SpaceX and NASA live streams alone, there are 2.5 million watching.
  17. That's a good idea. I'll see what I can do (when I can find the time)...
  18. Found a small issue where sometimes rails warp gets stuck even after a scene change. Patch will be incoming to attempt to remedy the situation. Testing now.
  19. Thanks. It was easier than I thought. I made a build for 1.8.1 that seems to work okay, but haven't fully tested it. The issue with low Kerbin orbits decaying in Hyper-Warp still persists, but it's still quite useful even for low-thrust engines. https://dev.azure.com/KSPModsWMF/TimeControl/_build/results?buildId=38&view=results The zip file is there. I'll keep an eye on the thread for bug reports, if I don't see any in a few days I'll post a release.
  20. I'm taking a look. Looks like Unity split their DLLs apart into a massive spiderweb of references so I have to add in some additional references for the project but hopefully will have something in a few days.
  21. I'll see what i can do. Don't forget that you can set up custom keybindings for pretty much every function that Time Control offers, and the GUI doesn't have to be shown for them to work. I usually bind stuff to the numeric keypad.
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