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  1. Ah, huh, who's there? Well, I do read my mail... but not too often Thanks guys for taking care of my projects! There's a reason for me to get back a bit later to see what do they grow into And I confirm: all my models (except for Gemini) are also under BY-SA license; anyone's free to distribute or modify them. And as for Gemini (which is basically BY-ND) -- Tiberion has my explicit permission to modify it and/or create derivative works.
  2. Oh, no problem. It's okay. But: Come Back! In a few months. Thanks! :)

  3. Hey, I have other things to do :sticktongue:. A job, for example...

  4. Hi Mat,

    Yes, that's totally OK to tell where have I gone. You may tell that I'm fine, but just don't play KSP for now :)

    I may even start a topic myself, if that's appropriate... just not sure in which section))



    P.S. You're out of PM space :(.

  5. Holy ****. Why did you abdone the Cart Mod? :(

  6. Project abandoned. Sorry, author's no longer there . Special permission to develop and distribute this addon is granted to Tiberion. Topic closed.
  7. Those struts don't have collision mesh, so they don't interfere with parts attached at the bottom.
  8. No. Part's model must be changed too.
  9. No. It just moves the wheels from one position to another, changing objects' coordinates in plugin's code.
  10. Hi Sava! welcome to the forum Cool model; it would be nice to see it in KSP . Sadly I've no idea on how to work with animations, so my plugin doesn't support such a closing bay. So I can't help you .
  11. Soyuz debris ain't of much problem, as far as I know... Kerosene/LOX are not very dangerous substances. Proton debris with its extremely toxic UDMH/NTO pair is way worse And -- no, nothing is recovered. First stages are not even equipped with parachutes.
  12. Huh; good challenge indeed. As I don't currently have an orbiting nuke, I decided to bring home an old synchronous commsat hovering right above the KSC. Work's currently in progress (and will take a while)... but I can already share a couple of ideas: Good thing is that turbojets have right enough time to get some air and stop the fall. No matter the craft passed 70 Km mark going at 3000 m/s straight down. ...and bad thing is that kerosenes are as inert as hell. Pilot must think at least 5 seconds ahead when adjusting their thrust. The tank in the middle is not attached to anything (I dropped it there before launching the test vehicle). Payload's held in place firmly... ...given that the vehicle don't spin.. And good luck to whomever will try to get these ideas working. Now good luck to me building a carrier that can get this vessel synchronous
  13. Yep. I've strong wish to update this mod -- but currently no time for doing that. It's Laser addon that's next on my to-do list, not this one . Probably after 0.17 release, with (hopefully) docking and (hopefully) cockpit views, I'll get a bit of motivation))
  14. Talking abount engineering games, I'd add Bridge Construction Set (aka Pontifex II) -- see http://www.chroniclogic.com/ Not exactly a "sandbox': you get a task of building a bridge withstanding a specific load, with limited budget. Suspension bridges and drawbridges included. Some of missions are pretty difficult... It's paid, but it's worth it.
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