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  1. Anyone? I need to know this too.
  2. I jumped the download button then i read that it's just preliminary. Can't wait!
  3. That would be so awesome. Thanks man. Full realism here we go!
  4. Nope nothing there. Config file does not have option to pay for fuel if you refuel on runway. No option to disable crew respawn. But still damn good mod for sandbox.
  5. Planes only? PASS!
  6. I'd KILL for KSP 2.
  7. I'll see if i can find settings to disable all free stuff and like free fuel and free kerbals and kerbal respawn. I'm trying to play on moderate difficulty.
  8. So I get free fuel if i refuel on landing strip?
  9. Investor contract is not working for me either.
  10. It says collect science at 4, what do i do?
  11. Yes but only as part of RSS difficulty which does not exists in game.
  12. Simple as that, allow us to sort and rearrange ships in it so we can have them grouped. Or you know what? Groups would be nice! So i can have subgroup Mun/Duna etc etc. Wouldn't it be nice? You could filter probes around group Duna or Jool.
  13. So is this mod close to release? I have 32GB ram but kerbal GC starts to lag whole game when it allocates 5GB+ ram.
  14. Trying to fix bugs/improve game experience is against EULA? Strange. Anyway got link to some forum that is willing to discuss this? Send with PM.