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  1. Hmm, I haven't seen this posted (rummaged back a few pages and did a google), does a maxed out waste supply kill the Kerbals? With recyclers running and a few too many supply pods (hex cans) I lost track of how much waste my station had generated. When I returned after a time warp, Waste was full everywhere but I had no alarms or deaths or reductions in performance. I sent up a resupply (btw, no dedicated waste container?) and that took a couple days in kerbal time with still no detriment. Do I have a glitched install? Didn't notice any issues reported in my log file either. btw
  2. Okay, I need some strategies for how to use KIS. I've been contracted to recover a RE-15 Skipper engine from Low Minmus orbit. Three tons so Three Kerbals and luckily one one need be an engineer. Got it. How in the heck do I get a part, a ship and three kerbals to stay anywhere close to one another - long enough to grab the part, which I can't then fly over to my ship after it drifted away, and attach it to my craft? Do I need a dozen ladders to envelope the thing? I can't attach hand holds to the engine since then I wouldn't be able to attach it to the ship. Or is this where I gotta use the harpoon to latch onto it. Have to tell you, if that's the answer, I haven't had a lot of luck with the harpoon in the previous versions of KAS.
  3. Okay, so this might be a redundant question but, I'm not running Near Future. I'm fairly stock but want to simulate more realism especially with my space station and Deep Space missions. Does this mod ADD heating to the stock game? Will my existing vessels heat up with this mod and without the parts? Or, once I apply a part, will things then heat up? Also, How do I know in advance how much/many sinks I'll need for my design
  4. Thanks for the advice Crzyrndm, ultimately it didn't work though. I had too much positive cant on my (cant? is that the right spelling?) elevators. Reduced and realigned and now i'm solid. Thanks again though, now I've more understanding of your mod.
  5. I have a very simple Tech level 3 plane with the basic jet engine, one intake a mk1 cockpit and a mk1 inline cockpit. Its fairly well balanced with the CoG just behind the CoL during all aspects of flight and levels of fuel (I based it off of Manley's latest tutorial). I was having trouble with controlling the aircraft in level flight. It would slowly nose over at a rate of a degree or two per second. That brought me here. I landed, quite and loaded the Pilot Assistant, and the restarted and took off again. Again, I'm stable in roll/yaw and speed. So I opened PA, toggled the Vertical Control to red, selected the Mode:Altitude and set my target at 5k. PA holds me at the altitude just fine. It ascends and decends to the target in all flight regimes - except, when warping. during 2x-4x acceleration, I slowly drop the nose (or quickly in 4x) and decend again. Since It can adjust the pitch during 1x I thought I'd be safe in 4x. Am I missing something? Stock SAS and SSAS have no affect on or off btw. Any advice?
  6. I like it. I wonder, is it backward compatible? I haven't upgraded out of .25 yet with no plans to do so in the near future.
  7. I'm sorry if this is redundant, is the current release 0.5.7 backward compatible to ksp .25? I hadn't upgraded. Yet.
  8. Ok, sorry in advance for posting a question that has been addressed 1,000 times already, but here goes. I'm new to SSTO designs. I've researched and practiced several posted craft in posted configs but I can't get to orbit. I'm wondering if Maybe my ascent profile is wrong because of NEAR/deadly reentry and I havent found a tried and tested profile like there is for rockets. Can anyone point me to what I'm not seeing? My design features turbo jets and the smallest 1.25m rockets. I get up to 27,000' and lose air and flame out. Or if I angle down to keep below the service ceiling, I get reentry effects and lose control.
  9. Not that I should be complaining but this was news to me and I don't know if it was a glitch/bug or failure for me to understand how things are working in conjunction. I'm running .25 with Remote Tech, Deadly Reentry, Real Chutes, and NEAR. I'm in hard career mode and while I'm fairly far in the tech tree I'm still meeting some self imposed goals and limitations. I have: - three comm sats in KSO - a Station in LKO with RC-L01 and 6 kerbals (This was asthetics and research requirements more than a remote tech need). I launched an unmanned Mk2 cockpit (in a rocket configuration, not an in lifting vehicle config) with RC-001S and RealChute's stack chute to test a "reusable" light service vehicle. Something that I can boost my self-imposed Time-to-Launch window and get more launches done while not spending big bucks. On board was a KR-7 dish and a KP-10 antenna. Yes, as you can imagine, both those antennas burnt off at around 25,000' and I lost communication and control of my ship. I was kept on my trajectory though by a well balanced ship and NEAR aerodynamics. I believed that I would crash uncontrollably though without being able to trigger the chutes. With a slim hope that my trajectory would carry me to within 3k of the Space Center and so my internal antenna of the RC-001S would reestablish comm and save the craft, I stayed with it. But, I lost speed and slipped into a vertical fall about 11k short of the center. At 5,000 feet my speed dropped to safe deployment and, noting that I was still out of comm and out of control I hit the space bar futilely - and lo, the chute opened! Yay, but ...? Is something broken? Does the RC-001S work even without comms for certain things? Is this a feature of Realchutes that I wasn't aware of, or just a feature of this part?
  10. Cut and folded paper models as found on and Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE)
  11. So, in my WIP I included a pic of my SDO satellite part. I'd created all the animations in Blender (9 shutters that open and close) once all the parts were present. Then I joined my meshes and unwrapped. After tediously going through and painting and adding textures to the uvmap, I returned to object mode and discovered that all my animations no longer play! Once I join, does it toss off the animations? What happened?
  12. I'm missing the answer to my question and I'm sorry that I'm just not seeing where to find the explanation but that just the week I'm having. I have a WIP for a space telescope and I'm planning on having it use liquid hydrogen as a coolant resource that over time will be exhausted. I see a reference for Hydrogen as a fuel and I suppose I can use that just fine. Except that I don't know how to reference it. And perhaps more importantly, how do I build in error checking to not reference it as a resource if CRS hadn't been installed?
  13. Okay, breaking rule 1) already - again. Is there a good tutorial on how to create a science part? Copying and pasting other's work only gets you so far. On my WISE satellite I have my part.cfg set up fine (less some teaks to the standard part parameters). So next I attempted to add the science module. In the parent folder beside the part folder I have a resources folder with a ScienceDefs.cfg with the following. I should be able to run my experiment only in HKO but right clicking on the part at any point in time yields nothing. Any obvious silliness?
  14. Okay, I'm learning 3D modeling and a bit more about coding in the backdrop of providing more stuff to do in KSP. Yeah, yeah, maybe we don't need/want another science part. Sure, fine, don't use it. Meanwhile, here I go. Introduction The objective for this parts mod is to create a series of replica parts from NASA, ESA, JAXA, FKA/RKA, USSR agencies. I'm going to mostly focus on research satellites as others are doing great work on rovers and deep space probes. This may be a challenge since much of the typical satellite is made up of the space craft bus (or propulsion, SAS, starfinder, batteries, comms, resources) and many of these are already available in KSP or via other parts mods. My goal then is to focus on the parts time selves and allow you guys to create your own bus to get them where they need to be. Progress WISE - Researched, Modeled and textured SDO - Researched, Modeled Aquarius SAC-D - Researched Chandra - Researched NuSTAR - Researched Challenges 1) Well, not getting in over my head with over complicated parts 2) Not giving up.
  15. How do you guys approach scaling your parts for the kerbal universe? Do you use the RSS ratios and scale down? Do you just make it up and test until failure? For instance, in terms of the Earth based universe, my telescope would weight 363 kg. I could choose between 232-273kg depending on which ratio I go for. It isn't a lot of a difference ... and in the perspective of the MORE BOOSTER universe we play in, it would make no difference at all ... I think. Maybe furthermore, I would position my part relatively early in the tree (pre 2m parts), but again, it isn't like the early engines aren't quite capable of lifting much larger payloads. How about costs? Just throw a dart at your wallets and wait for the complaints to drive changes?